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Petoi Bittle X: Voice-Controlled Quadrupled Robot Dog Companion Review

Petoi Bittle X is the perfect robotic companion, a palm-sized, open-source programmable robot dog that is perfect for learning STEM/coding and robotics. It is the first robot powered by Petoi’s latest quadrupled robot controller Biboard, a customised ESP32 board with larger programming space and a faster CPU, which results in better performance. Biboard coordinates all instinctive and sophisticated movements of the robot dog.


Bittle X features are typically seen on luxury robots. However, Petoi has made this fantastic technology more easily available to the general public.

The robot is more advanced than previous versions as it can respond to voice commands and over 35 predefined actions such as sit, play dead, and backflip with high-performance life-like movements.

It comes with two options: a pre-assembled kit and the more advanced DIY construction kit, where you can assemble its puzzle-like frame and build the robot yourself. This is in addition to its three colour options to choose from: black and yellow, blue and yellow, or red and yellow.

In addition, the palm-sized, open-source programmable robot dog also has bionic legs instead of wheels, which means the robot dog can move more freely, even over unstructured terrain.

Furthermore, you can clip various smart sensors on it to inject perception and artificial intelligence capabilities. You also have the option to use Petoi intelligent camera module and the newly released Petoi sensor pack. For instance, you can use this option to enable Bittle X to recognise objects and patterns and sense light, touch, gesture, and movement, so you can program it to react and play games accordingly. This makes the robot extremely exciting to use for a wide range of users.

Functions & Usage

The pre-assembled robot dog is perfect for STEM and coding beginners as well as anyone learning STEM at school at an intermediate or advanced level. Indeed, it comes with Petoi Coding Blocks, a scratch-like, block-based programming environment for all ages.

The more advanced users like software developers, IoT/robotics/AI application developers, and researchers can choose its DIY construction kit, which supports C++/Python programming.

In addition, Petoi empowers educators by offering an introduction to quadruped robotics curricula for free. You can find them in block-based programming and C++ programming.

That’s not all. Furthermore, Bittle X operates on OpenCat, Petoi’s open-source quadrupled robot platform that offers endless programming and customisation possibilities.

Apart from responding to commands and 35+ predefined actions, you can also programme up to 10 additional voice commands yourself to learn new tricks or play games.

Petoi’s technology can be easily configured and controlled by installing Petoi’s official mobile app on your IOS or Android phone or using the remote control that comes with the kit. Likewise, you can use the free Petoi Desktop App to design new robotics skills in a visual way.


The Petoi Bittle X is a really cool, fun, and entertaining pet robot to have. Who would not want to have some fun with a cute robot dog? This amazing piece of tech will not only entertain you, but it will also teach you the basic concepts of robotics and Al.

Bittle X is ideal for tech enthusiasts, young and old, who have an interest in or want to learn about robotics and coding. It’s also perfect for those who just want to have fun and play with a robot pet companion. The Bittle X is available from for £259 (RRP) and also on Amazon.

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