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PaySafeCard Online Payment System Explained

Globalization and the internet have touched every aspect of our daily lives in more ways than one. The world doesn’t seem like a prominent place anymore because everything one needs is just a click away. There’s an app for everything from buying groceries to banking. Anything can be done sitting in the comfort of your home.

Online financial transactions are one of the many platforms that boomed with the advent of the internet. More and more people trust the effectiveness and understand the convenience of online purchases today. While there is no shortage of the number of platforms providing such services, safety and ease of use is a significant concern in most of them even more so when it comes to online casinos and betting companies.

PaySafeCard has emerged as the most preferred means of payment in recent times. It is a safe and simple prepaid method of online payment without having to use a bank account or credit card hence ruling out possibilities of unauthorized use of credentials. Owing to its popularity worldwide as a very safe and fast way to move money on the internet, PaySafeCard is loaded via bank accounts, direct cash or digital wallets to make online payments.

If you are looking for fast and secure online payment options, here’s all the information you need about PaySafeCard, how it works, why it’s safe and other benefits that PaySafeCard users get to enjoy while placing bets online.

What is a PaySafeCard payment system? Is it safe?

Touted to be one of the leading prepaid modes of online payment, PaySafeCard facilitates internet payments for easy and secure shopping without giving out any personal data. You can purchase your PaySafeCard at retail outlets, shops or kiosks which are available according to the denomination of your location. The money you deposit is transferred instantly to your account without any fee charged for the same, and there is no validity period when it comes to using the PaySafeCard platform.

A proper transaction monitoring and verification system in place ensure the safety of all your transactions hence making PaySafeCard secure for moving money online quickly. To use the PaySafeCard, you need to create a PaySafeCard account and deposit the required denomination in the account. You can then start making any purchases online and make payments to bookmakers that also accept PaySafeCard while placing bets.

Do PaySafeCard users get Bookmaker bonuses?

A lot of Bookmakers use PaySafeCard and attach bonuses to PaySafeCard payments due to the tight competition from the users’ end. Bookmakers that accept PaySafeCard like Betway Bookmaker, Bwin Bookmaker, William Hill, Bethard, 888 and Paddy Power, etc. also offer attractive bonuses to clients. With its availability in over 40 countries, these big names are popular among the users for this reason.

How does it work?

  • Register

To be able to access and use PaySafeCard the first step is to register. Registering as a PaySafeCard user is a quick and straightforward process. Once a user logs in to the PaySafeCard website details like mobile number, email address, geographical location, etc. need to be entered.

The accuracy of this information given by the user is crucial because it will be then be used for account verification later. This step also generates a PIN that is necessary for any transaction with PaySafeCard.

  • Verify

During this process, a verification code sent via text message to the number used for registering is used for validation. This step also ensures the validation of the authenticity of the information provided. Once verified, the code activated the account. A link for email address validation is then sent to the registered email id.

As a final validation step, the users get a video call from the PaySafeCard support staff wherein their faces are verified with their identification cards or passports.

  • Deposit money

Just like any other prepaid payment system, the user has to deposit the amount to their account to make payments. PaySafeCard vouchers are available at the local drug stores, supermarkets, gas stations, and other outlets. Once the client buys these vouchers, they can be uploaded to the account using the ‘deposit’ option.

Any number of vouchers can be uploaded to a given PaySafeCard account at a time. A user can also combine different vouchers and make use of it all at the same time for a transaction.

  • Withdraw money

A PIN provided during the registration process can be used by the client to make purchases or withdraw money from their PaySafeCard account. An email request for withdrawal is made by the client using the same address given while registering. The amount can then be withdrawn using a PaySafeCard MasterCard at an ATM. The remaining amount in your account can always be used in the next payment.

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