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Outdoor Spaces that Can Benefit from Wireless Broadband

We depend on the internet for so many things. We use it to conduct business, to communicate with others, and to keep up to speed with the news. It seems to have become a basic necessity in our daily lives. However, despite the meteoric rise of the internet and the web in the last 10 years, much of the world is still unconnected.

The reasons why these remaining areas are still unconnected are mainly economics and these places’ geographical locations. Many communities are situated in far-flung areas separated by rugged terrains, where installing fiber optic cables can be too challenging or expensive for internet service providers to accomplish.

But with the invention of wireless networking products, these problems can now be solved. Wireless broadband is especially convenient and useful because it enables wide-reaching connectivity without the need for cables. This means that outdoor environments and large public spaces that cover vast areas or separated from civilization by harsh or rough landscapes can enjoy great benefits. These places include:

  • Nature or wildlife reserves – The World Wildlife Fund reported that due to various human activities like deforestation, pollution, and excessive hunting, more than 40 animal species have become endangered, including tigers, chimpanzees, and orangutans. Fortunately, nature reserves have been established all over the world to fight the loss of wildlife. But there are still people who hunt endangered animals, even within these reserves. Since these are wide outdoor environments, it can be difficult to keep watch for poachers. By using wireless broadband platforms and backhaul links, surveillance equipment can be connected to a central computer, making the monitoring of these vast areas easier for rangers and custodians.
  • Rural Villages – According to data gathered by, only about 40% (3 billion out of 7 billion) of the world population is connected to the internet today. Remote communities that have yet to get internet connection can suffer a number of disadvantages in terms of economic and educational opportunities.

Wireless broadband can help these communities create new business ventures and stay competitive with the rest of the world. Farmers, for instance, can find better markets to sell their produce to. Additionally, connectivity to literally millions of sources of information can help citizens keep up to date with the latest news, and children will have access to a multitude of useful learning resources.

  • Outdoor commercial and retail spaces – Commercial establishments can offer free internet connection as a way to attract more customers. Open-air markets can help customers improve their shopping experience by offering online directories that people can use onsite. Alfresco restaurants can also benefit from installing wireless broadband in their establishments. By giving people the option to share their dining experience with friends, for example, customer traffic can grow significantly not only from the perceived added value of the WiFi service but also from the promotion that customers will generate for free.
  • Theme parks–With powerful smartphones now a common , people expect connectivity wherever they go. Theme parks have to step up their game to keep visitors happy. Free internet provides added value to your customers as it can help them pass the time while waiting in line, and it allows them to access online resources that can help them better enjoy the park’s attractions. Moreover, providing network connectivity to the corporate devices installed around the park can increase worker efficiency and improve the theme park’s services.

Wherever people go, it seems that access to the internet has become an expectation. And this makes sense as the connectivity it offers has led people to believe that when they go online, they are communicating with the whole world. Unfortunately, not everyone can reap the advantages that the internet has to offer. The good news is that there are wireless broadband solution providers that are working hard to make sure that more people are connected to the internet. network connectivity can be used by everyone.

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