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Optimize Product Pages with these 3 Tried & Tested Tips

eCommerce is witnessing a very revolutionary change in the Information and Technology industry. And to stay in the competition, it is important that your web shop is optimized for the search engines. A webshop needs to guide its users looking into the choices and preferences.

Keeping it simple is the key to offering good usability. Site usability is the prime factor in the case of eCommerce platforms. The product pages need to be in tandem with the design and they should be optimized a successful eCommerce platform. The product pages can be better optimized with these techniques. Explore by reading further.

Cover it with Bread Crumbs

Including bread crumbs on your eCommerce platform can work wonders. It acts like the last resort for many customers/users. While shopping online, customers tend to get lost or lose track. In these cases, the bread crumbs can be that element which could help the customer in navigating the web shop.

According to statistics presented on – Users expect to see breadcrumbs, especially on sites with deep information architectures. Even if users are only using breadcrumbs 10-15% of the time to navigate, they are still relying on them when necessary.

When you are an eCommerce platform, it is important to ensure that you have good ranking among the major search engines. This is where the bread crumbs can also optimize your product page and help you stay optimized for the search engines. Alas, the product pages appear on Google and thus bread crumbs are shown in the main search.

Shape it the F- SHAPE

Studies have proven that following the F-shaped pattern in your web design could do great things. What is it really? It is about people’s reading patterns when they land on a web page. People scan websites from left to right and the back. This pattern has remained with us since ages and thus it is always good to follow the F-Shape.

And this is the reason why most eCommerce websites have a big image on the left and the product information and description on the right-hand side. This is because they have been following the F-Shaped Patter of web design. To learn more, have a word with a CSS3-HTML5 Development Expert. This can improve the usability of your product pages and the viewing, comprehending experiences of your customers and users.

Navigation – I say “Keep It Simple!”

Your users need a guide and not confusion. It is important to ensure that your customers or users are not confused. If your users cannot navigate smoothly, then they might shift to another website. It is important that understand what they see. Keep it simple and easy browsing experience with simplified categories and organized content. Make this a memorable experience.

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