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How Online Surveys Can Benefit a Small Business

Surveys are the most important tool for businesses of various sizes –small or big. But, how can small businesses benefit from online surveys despite having a tight budget? Discover here!

Knowledge is power. Surveys help businesses learn more about targeted markets and gain customer insights on a newly launched product or service. No matter if your small business is selling a coffee, providing software services, or running an institution, market research or (online surveys) benefit small enterprises to discover what customers think about their business, figure out loop-holes in the business, get feedback from your customers, and so on.

Companies of a larger size usually have their own teams and resources for conducting surveys, interviewing customers, arranging focus groups, and analyzing buying patterns. But still, it’s possible for small businesses to conduct highly successful online surveys. They can create and send surveys during the different aspects of their business journey.

  • For example, if you have a new business idea and want to know whether there is a market for this idea, you can utilize a market research survey.
  • Sold a product successfully? You can send an online survey immediately after the sale.
  • Recently launched a new product in the market? Carry out customer feedback surveys to understand how your product is competing in the market.
  • Otherwise, conduct a customer feedback survey before unveiling a product in the market. With the help of information obtained, if required you can make any necessary changes in the upcoming product.
  • Businesses can even go for customer demographic surveys that can help them know more about customer buying habits, tastes, preferences, etc.

How an Online Survey Actually Benefits Small Business

1. Reduces Administration Costs

Small businesses have limited resources to conduct surveys. When compared to paper based surveys, online survey software solutions minimize administration and designing costs. They have built-in survey library questions and customized templates to design the surveys that can help small businesses to reduce survey development time and speed up administration and data collection processes.

By utilizing the online survey software solutions, they can quickly create, design, and distribute surveys via email, website, or different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.

2. Automatically Collects Survey Responses

After the survey, businesses can automatically collect the survey data and store it in a secure environment on online survey software for future reference. However, to utilize the automatic survey data collection process, businesses must adopt advanced survey software solutions for online data management.

3. Identify Trends

The world of small business is constantly changing and so do the tastes, preferences, and buying habits of your customers. By conducting surveys on a regular basis, you can identify an emerging trend much quicker than your competitor and can use it in your next marketing campaign.

4. Improve Survey Response Rates

With the help of an online survey software tool, small businesses can easily create surveys and send it across to your audience. Also, businesses can even send personalized survey email invitation links to the targeted customer groups. Personalized survey invitations and reminder emails can dramatically increase response rates to your launched survey.

5. Generate Real Time Survey Data

Online survey software solution generates survey results in real time that can help businesses track the results in real time. Small enterprises can either opt to view the survey results for individual questions or in the form of graphs and charts (for the complete survey).

Online surveys help businesses to shape their marketing strategy and make informed business decisions that can create actionable results.

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Rachel works for SutiSoft, Inc as a web content writer. Rachel covers business, technology and SaaS trends.

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