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Online Pizza Ordering System the Way to Go

If you run a pizzeria, you may have heard about mobile apps that pizza restaurants can use to boost their sales. But like many pizzeria owners, you may have wondered why the heck you would need one when the product sells itself. You’re so busy and focused on delivering the best product, handling your customer orders, that you find no place for the online ordering platforms. With the growing competition in the pizzeria business, you may want to rethink your position. Mobile apps equipped with online ordering capability need to be a part of your business.

An online pizza ordering system by slice improves your sales by providing your pizzeria with an online presence. Slice offers an experience that is user-friendly as it enhances the flexibility of the ordering process to the user. You are able to boost the business relationship between you and your customers, a factor that is key to running a successful business. This is vital particularly if you’re still new to the pizzeria business and still trying to maintain a healthy relationship with your customers. The slice ordering system allows you to generate daily business analytics that enhances your understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your business.

Why Slice Makes Sense

Telephone ordering that has been popular for years is fast being overtaken by online ordering. This is the more reason why you have to consider incorporating an online ordering platform into your business seriously. According to research surveys, online ordering is currently at par with telephone ordering. About six years ago, the likelihood of people making their pizza orders via the phone was four times that of doing the same via online means. Given the speed with which online ordering has grown, it is clear that it is going to be more popular that telephone orders.


Mobile apps save more time than you might imagine. This is more so if you look at it from the pizzeria’s point of view. Handling a phone order often takes a significantly high amount of time and may often lead to pileups at the counter. Well, what do you expect in a scenario where the staff has to answer all the incoming calls and recite the menus as well as log orders? The queues will undoubtedly get longer while some phone orders will likely go unanswered. Potential customers will choose to go to other businesses that will offer them the same product more conveniently.

Compliments Marketing Initiatives

A mobile app can be a smart promotional tool. When a customer downloads and installs the app in his or her phone, your logo will be a frequent sight each time he or she uses the cell phone. Many people at least glance at their phones within the hour. You can’t underestimate the value of the mobile app in your customers’ phones.

If you find that an online app lacks some of the toppings that you would like to have on your version, you can always request for customization so that you end up with something that you feel appeals to your customers.

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