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The All in One Partition Solution for Your Computer

There was a time when people were happy with a hard drive whose capacity could be measured in megabytes. The scene has changed and now the capacity of hard drives runs into terabytes. With the hard drive getting larger with each passing day, it makes sense to partition it into several parts. Partitioning the hard drive make it easy to arrange documents and files and also helps to uninstall and reinstall Windows or any other software. In case you feel the need to use two operating systems, partitioning the hard drive may look like a good option.

hdd partitioning

Getting Acquainted with Partition Tools

There are many partitioning tools that are available in the market, which can be characterised as per their usability and cost. Among them the EASEUS Partition Master is one of the most advanced programs available. Partition Master is available free of charge and features a graphic user interface, making it easy for a user to work with partitions. The best feature of this free partition magic software is that the partitioning task can be performed without the risk of losing any data, which is often put at stake, when the hard drive is formatted.

Making the Right Choice

EASEUS Partition Master is compatible with 32 bits of windows and can be used to copy data from one drive to another, even when their size partitions are not of the same size or configuration. Traditionally it has always been believed that partitioning a hard drive is a task, which cannot be performed by non-professional users. However, the new partitioning software from EASEUS makes the process simple and very easy to perform.

With the new 10.8 version of Partition Manager, you can change a master boot record disk into a GPT disk, which allows unlimited amount of partitions. The programme supports a 16TB hard disk capacity to fulfil the needs of many high end users. The user interface in the new version is user friendly and very easy to understand. In case you are planning to upgrade your system, to Windows 10, then this Windows disk manager can help you to solve the low disk storage problem, after up gradation. This software is compatible with Windows vista, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 software.

Ease of Use

With the help of Partition Master Free 10.8, you can redistribute free space in your computer and extend the system drive. This software is an all-in-one partition solution and disk management freeware. The software consists of three main parts, namely partition manager, partition recovery wizard and disk & partition copy to tackle all your problems related to the partition of the hard drive. The good part of this software is that it doesn’t require a reboot when extending NTFS partition to minimize computer downtime.

In order to perform disk partition, you just need to click on the source partition and choose the copy option. The software would automatically check the source partition and inform the user if there is any problem. Once the checking process is completed, you just need to click on the destination partition all you need to do is click next and finish the operation.

Most Recommended Choice

The Partition Master Free 10.8 software is a good and flexible partition management tool that can be used to create delete and merge partitions in any system. Partitioning you computer’s hard disk would speed up the processing power of the computer by means of defragmentation and can help a person achieve maximum proficiency. It is always recommended that you perform multiple partitions on your hard drive, instead of just of just one partition to gain maximum the efficiency of your system, without adding any extra software or investing any money.

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