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Old School RuneScape Guide: Hosidius House Favour Farming

Old School RuneScape has something the main game doesn’t: the continent of Zeah, where the kingdom called Great Kourend is located. To move around this kingdom, you’ll need to have allies, and one of those would be with the House of Hosidius.

To get the Favour you need and the OSRS gold you’ll be getting later, be sure to follow this guide.

What is Hosidius House?

Hosidius is the house that’s dedicated to agriculture. By that alone, the sorts of things you’d be making in for this house the name of Favour should be pretty obvious. The more Favour you get, the more content exclusive farming and cooking-related content you’ll get to unlock.

Till You Begin

At 0% Favour, you’ll begin by tilling the fields across Hosidius. To do this, you’ll have to shove the plough back and forth. Thankfully, your avatar will be doing the plough-pushing until you reach either edge or the plough breaks down. If the latter happens, you’ll have to repair it using a hammer. Ploughing one field grants 10 Farming experience, and repairing the plough grants 10 Crafting experience. It’s better to choose longer fields so that you won’t have to click on the field over and over again. Besides, you can stick to one field.

Once you reach 5% Favour, you can start making sulphurous fertilizer, which is created by using saltpetre on regular compost. You’ll be able to find saltpetre, which is gathered using a shovel, in one of five possible locations in an area south of the bank. To know where you can exactly gather saltpetre, just look for Konoo. Aside from being a marker for the saltpetre, he’ll give you a shovel in case you don’t have one.

Combine the saltpetre with compost, then give it to the Clerk, who you can find in a building southwest of the bank. You’ll gain 0.1% Favour for every bucket of sulphurous fertilizer that you’ll give.

In The Kitchen and Grapevine

Up next would be cooking, which you’ll unlock once you reach 45% Favour. Go to the Mess, where you’ll have to cook whatever the Shayzien soldiers demand. Depending on their choice, you’ll be cooking stew, pineapple pizza, or meat pie.

For this particular activity, you’ll need level 20 Cooking for meat pie, 25 for stew, and 65 for pineapple pizza. Other than receiving Favour, players will also be receiving Cooking experience.

Finally, upon reaching 65%favour, you’ll have access to the Vinery. There, you’ll be farming grapes after using saltpetre and grape seeds. You’ll receive 0.8% Favour for every grape planted.

Reaping the Benefits

Other than being able to finish the grand quest for Great Kourend, HosidiusFavour also earns you the following:

·         15% – you can now steal fruit from fruit stall near LogavaGricoller’s Cooking Supplies

·         35% – plant spirit sapling in the spirit tree patch. Paying LammyLangle 55 monkey nuts, 1 monkey bar, and 1 ground tooth protects the patch.

·         50% – allotment patches in southeastern Hosidius house won’t die of disease.

·         75% – entry to Woodcutting Guild for players with level 60 Woodcutting unlocked.

·         100% – participation in Tithe Farm minigame unlocked, city kitchens southeast of the mess can now be used. The latter are good places to cook, as these kitchens have a 5% increased success in cooking.

A life of farming and cooking is definitely a simple, happy, and rewarding one. So if you’re trying to choose which House to earn Favour first, go with Hosidius, where becoming favoured is easy and enjoyable!

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