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Non-Profit Conferences You Must Attend in 2018

Have you attended any non-profit conferences? A simple Google search on them produces a ton of options, making it difficult to pick those that suit your field of work. Besides, these forums are also expensive, so it’s essential to choose just the right ones. Interestingly, lots of representatives from the Noosphere Ventures co-founded by Max Polyakov held similar conferences last year.

So, to help you in narrowing down your search, here are some of the famous non-profit seminars you wouldn’t want to miss out on in 2018. They’ll guide you when you decide to do a fundraiser or maybe a marketing gig!

International Fundraising Conference

AFP or Association of Fundraising Professionals puts together this fantastic business meeting every year. People there know that as gifts keep growing, fundraisers in this social sector should also improve to resolve complex challenges in society. This conference brings together over 4000 professionals to teach, learn and discuss new strategies for community impact and social innovation.

Other than that, it provides over 90 sessions and two high-profile keynotes to cover different aspects of nonprofit management and professional fundraising. Lastly, because the focus is on philanthropy and fundraising, the doors should be left open for everyone. This includes recruits all the way to experienced members of the board.

Conference for National Community Relations and Development of Disaster Services (NCRD/EDS)

Of course, natural disasters damage both the lives and property of people. Sadly, they are not about to stop anytime soon. Hence, that’s why The Salvation Army holds this conference to help people learn how to prepare for such disasters. It’s designed for fundraisers, non-profit professionals, first responders and anyone else who’s interested or involved in a company that deals with emergency measures.

Nonprofit Learning Lab Conference

Here are other meetings that concentrate on donor relations, fundraising, volunteer and board marketing and management. They also tackle other activities such as the use of social media, event planning and donor relations.

So, why are these conferences special? Well, they are just more interactive than other meetings which only need you to sit and listen. They also provide business owners with partial scholarships for their small business budgets.

The Social Innovation Summit

The conference helps members of the community to learn how to use technology. It also educates them on bold ideas that can directly cause social change in the world. Almost all philanthropic trends create lasting partnerships. In short, the Social Innovation Summit is obsessed with just improving the lives of its people.

The Collaborative

The conference is a three-day experience held by classy. Here, the change-makers of today come together to discuss the social entrepreneurship future. Non-profit leaders and peers share creative ideas and solutions to solve the complex issues in the world.

The event provides a lot of strategies and takeaways that you’ll need to speed up change. Besides, it has a museum-like experience that triggers your creativity while still encouraging networking with the people seated around you!


Despite your role at any non-profit meeting, conferences are a crucial part of maintaining best practices and industry trends. So make sure that you’ve chosen the right one to attend in 2018. It should provide you and your organization with the best Return on Investment (ROI)!

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