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News About Amazon Cloud Storage Unlimited

Amazon just recently announced a super-hot deal in association to cloud storage unlimited services. For only $5 a month, this massive enterprise is offering unlimited and free cloud storage. However, the question many people may be asking is if this storage option is really unlimited?

Is Cloud Storage Unlimited Just A Myth?

In order to figure this out, it is suggested to look into their fine print. However, this article will provide that information. What has been found is that this particular service does offer unlimited services with the exception on various restrictions. Amazons “Terms of Use”, this particular service is aimed at individuals who reside in the USA. However, if the customers who live outside of America take advantage of these cloud storage unlimited services, Amazon reserves the right that involves restricting access that will all be dependent on the person’s exact location. In addition, Amazon can place specific limits on the file types that user plans to store.

It is expected that the company will not allow .exe files along with full-length movies. Microsoft was one of the enterprises that learnt this lesson in a very hard way, which resulted in them having to do-away with their unlimited services associated with a few users storing many full-length movies on the server.

In addition, according to their “Terms of Use”, Amazon will monitor exactly how this unlimited storage will be used. This means if the user burns through more than 1 TB in a short period of time, then the company has the right to either restrict access to files or even shut down this users account. One of the other “Terms of Use” will include that if a user does not renew her or his subscription fee after a specified time period, Amazon will have the right to delete the account or the user’s files.

Personal Use Only!

This retail giant goes on to state that customers must only be using cloud storage unlimited services for their personal use. This means that the storage cannot be used for any commercial data or related aspects of commercial use.

It is pretty transparent that this company is attempting to protect their business in the ultimate method that involves shutting down or terminating a user’s account when they feel it is necessary. This may not be an appealing factor for many customers who want to have unlimited cloud storage. However, the good news involves that there are many competing platforms available for customers that may not be happy with the way that Amazon is handling their way of business.

To date, Servers is one of the rare companies that have cloud storage unlimited services on the market. Microsoft was the previous company to own this position, but since they were forced to shut down their “unlimited” storage offer, this particular software giant has really fallen far behind. They are however working on revising this position going into the future. Amazon really offers the most cost-effective option for users who are looking for storage for personal use and when used in the correct manner can really reap the benefits associated with this extremely low offer.

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1 Comment

  1. Sunil Saharan

    April 27, 2016 at 8:46 am

    Sounds cool! Thanks for sharing!

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