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Do You Need a Yearly Medical Check-Up?

Regardless of your age or health habits, a yearly medical check-up is a must for every person. Many people are reluctant to undergo the routine check-up.They don’t wish to discuss their eating habits, they fear the doctors’ verdict about their health state or don’t feel like doing it because they feel fine. However, the aim of the yearly visit to the doctor is prevention. Check-up plays a major role in discovering and preventing diseases. Even when you feel fine, visit your doctor as to get some advice on healthy lifestyle.

Here are some insights into your yearly medical check-up.

Medical history

With regular visits to your doctor, you will be able to build trust and confide about your health concerns. Thus, your family doctor will be able to make records of your medical history. The doctor will record your habits starting from the diet and exercise to risky habits like smoking or drinking. This is a crucial piece of information that helps your doctor keep track of your health state. By analyzing and updating medical history, he or she will be able to act on time if your health condition drastically changes.

Vital signs exams

First of all, the doctor will measure your blood pressure as to make sure it is not high. An average blood pressure is 120/80. The doctor will also make sure that your heart rate is working as it should. An average heart rate varies from 60 to 100 beats. Some people may have a heart rate under 60 beats, which is perfectly normal. Along with the heart rate, your respiration rate will be checked. Taking 12 to 16 breaths every minute implies having healthy lungs. The doctor will also take your temperature. An ideal temperature is 98.6 degrees F.

Physical examination

Undergoing a whole body physical exam is extremely important for women as well as for men. The women’s physical exam includes a full pelvic examination, a Pap smear, and HPV. For women reaching the age of 50, a breast cancer check-up is a priority. The doctor shall inspect underarm lymph and bumps nodes in the patient’s chest area. Male examination implies doctor checking for any abnormalities on patient’s reproductive organs such as a hernia or any prostate-related condition. In addition, the doctor shall examine any suspicious lumps or changes in the patient’s testes.

Other crucial examinations

Other necessary check-ups are extremities, abdominal, head, and neck exam. The first evaluates the state of the patient’s arms and legs. In the second one, the patient’s abdomen is inspected as to check the size of liver, bowels, and fluids. The third one consists of examining sinuses, ears as well as eyes. If a patient has vision problems, it’s better to consult an optometrist, e.g. optometrist in Blacktown because an eye doctor can provide an adequate eye care. Regarding skin care, the dermatological check-up reveals changes in the body. Reflexes and muscles strength are examined on the neurological examination.

Common laboratory tests

In order to wrap up your annual check-up, you are required to go through basic laboratory tests. Your doctor may instruct you to have a complete blood count checked. In addition, a routinely done chemical panel test will reveal any problems with liver, kidneys or the patient’s immune system. As to early detect disease, such as diabetes, the doctor may order a urinalysis. If by any chance, you are experiencing some heart-related problems, the doctor shall order a lipid panel to test your cholesterol level. The tests are a useful way to track your health condition.

A clean bill of health

After the tests, your doctor may request another appointment and it is in your best interest to attend it. Every medical checkup is an opportunity to get a better insight into your health condition and to act according to it. Therefore, take yearly examinations and laboratory tests as to ensure a clean bill of health.

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