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The Need for Security Traffic Analysis and Strong Perimeter ‎Defense

Humans seem to be not satisfied with the four-dimensional space in which they move, and this apparent dissatisfaction with the present time and space prods them to create a virtual space which they call the “cyberspace.” Previous to the existence of the cyberspace, humans had already waged wars against each other in real time and space. They also had made use of war strategies and tactics to ensure that they had superior advantages over their opponents. Similarly, in the artificial space or cyberspace that humans have created, cyber wars are waged on a daily basis. These wars are not lacking in strategies and tactics just like the wars that have been waged by humans in space and time. These cyber wars also make use of strategies and tactics to gain superior advantages, and these wars are waged between the antagonists—the cyber-attackers, and the protagonists—the network owners and managers.

The stakes are high with regards to cyber security, and most network owners and managers are working round-the-clock to ensure that their networks are safeguarded from the onslaught of cyber-attackers. If a cyber-hacker, for example, is able to breach the perimeter security of a network, this cyber-hacker can pilfer sensitive information that can ruin the integrity, not only of the network but also of the whole business that runs that network. It can bring huge loss to a business, as in a case of a bank whose sensitive bank information are compromised. Hence, it is imperative for huge businesses that harbor sensitive information to ensure that their networks are well-protected from cyber-attacks.

The downside, however, of this cyber war is that the cyber-attackers are well-funded and they are constantly devising new ways to breach the perimeter security of huge networks. Huge networks can be vulnerable to cyber-attacks despite the fact that they have great resources to finance a round-the-clock security service to monitor and manage their networks. This fact highlights the greater vulnerability of medium and small-sized networks that are barely capable of financing and strengthening their network security.

How to Beef Up your Network Security?

Wars are won by winning battles. Similarly, in the case of cyber wars, network owners can win the cyber war if they have better strategies and tactics to win every single battle. First, they have to win every possible cyber-battle. Winning a battle necessitates that you have a deep and keen understanding of the nature of your enemies. Moreover, you need to have better intelligence networks about your enemies. Likewise, you need to employ deceptions to unravel the true nature of your enemies. You can do all these things if you have better data analytics at hand.

You can have better data analytics if you have better traffic analysis in network security. Moreover, if you engage in proactive network security measures, you can nip in the bud any brewing cyber-attack on your network. Round-the-clock security traffic analysis on your network can win the battle for you, coupled with a proactive security program that makes use of deception and other tactics to readily engage the cyber enemy right at the very onset of an attack. This proactive security measure can stave off any attack by bringing the cyber war outside of your network. Lastly, some cyber-security experts make use of proactive security measures like a decoy network to deceive cyber-attackers into believing that the virtual decoy network is the real network.

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