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Why Do You Need To Pick Reliable Transportation Company In Delhi?

In September 2015, The VAT Department in Delhi unearthed a racket of about 100 fake Transport firms operating in the Janakpuri area of the City. According to the department, these companies had indulged in financial irregularities to the tune of hundred crores.

After this incident, several other fake companies in Delhi, Mumbai and other cities came into police net. Maximum of these companies would cheat people using the name of prominent Logistics companies in the market.

These fake companies keep their customers in dark about the facilities and services they provide. And most times the victims become people who do not know the ABC about the transportation industry. So we thought to aware you about such fake transportation companies running in the country, how they operate and what you can do to save yourself from becoming their latest victim.

 Tips To Identify Fake Transportation Companies

  • A fake transportation company deals with the customers online or via cell phones and usually avoids to meet clients physically. They ask clients to transfer the relocation charges to their account and unaware people do it.
  • Never ever finalize a deal without meeting the Logistics Company representatives physically, otherwise, it can turn out to be very dangerous for you. When you meet people physically, you are able to clear many of your doubts.
  • Even if you are too busy in your life, still you need to be in rendezvous with the head of the transportation company. You should know with whom you are striking a deal. After all, you are investing your hard-earned money. Face to face meeting will ensure proper dealing with the company so that you don’t have to repent later.
  • The online reviews can help you judge how reliable is the transportation company. The online reviews of the company are usually written by people who are served previously by it.
  • But these days, the companies are trying new methods to attract customers and one of those methods is getting fake reviews written by the company. The motive is to make people book their company.  It has really become difficult for people who make a distinction between the real and fake reviews.
  • If you are able to find only positive reviews, then you have a right to cast doubt on the authenticity of the company. And if there are no proper address or contact details of the review writer, then the company definitely falls into that suspicious zone.

Tips To Identify Best Movers and Packers

Some of the tips to identify best movers and packers are as given below:

  • Whether you are booking a transportation company for relocation locally or for international relocation, it is important to verify whether the company is registered or not.  A registered company will have records on the Government books.
  • A fake or unlicensed company will have no mention in the Government records, hence it can’t be held accountable if goods are damaged during the transit. From pan card details to the registration certificates, check everything about the company.
  • You should meet and talk to the people who are already served by the company. The online reviews can be fake, but the references can’t be. In today’s world, one can make full use of Google and other search engines to differentiate between fake and real.
  • There is plenty of information available about transportation companies available on the internet. You can request companies for quotations and after comparing the prices, then select an affordable and the most reliable one in the market.
  • Some companies offer cheap services but never fall for their offer. These companies provide you cheap services. Never indulge in a rush while finalizing a relocation company. If you will sign the agreement with the company, then you are bound to make a payment in the name of the company.
  • A thorough background check is more than mandatory when it comes to finalizing a transportation company. Without knowing the reputation and the credibility of the transportation firm, you should not trust in it.

Hopefully, the above tips will serve as a guide for you to pick a reliable transportation service in Delhi. It is a very tough job to find a reliable transportation company in a busy city like Delhi. A reliable transportation company ensures safe and secure relocation of your goods or household belongings.  Some transportation companies offer their customers packing services as well.

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