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Narcos Slot: Acquaintance is Money

Do you guys remember the famous Narcos series on Netflix that was out in 2015? Now, its brand culture is also applied to the betting field with the name: Narcos Slot

This online slot game of NetEnt attracts a large number of bettors who are also a fan of that series. Through this article, we will give you the reveal where that enchantment comes from. Also, we will show you guys some drawbacks (if it has) or notice that will help you to understand that you need to play it initially on Narcos slots demo before putting your real money on it.

What is Narcos slot?

Narcos slot is one of the best online slots that was created by well-known slot provider NetEnt. It will bring players into the most incredible emotion with up to 243 ways to win and a fixed wager of 20 coins. Of course, you can reduce the wage to 1 coin per spins and that is what makes it really affordable for every bettor to step in. Also, the stakes of each spin can go up to 400 coins and so, with that diversity and variety of wager, it will lay no harm on your pocket for sure.

Images are insanely astonishing

If you are a fan of the Narcos series, then you will be surprised by the similarity with images on the main theme. From Pablo Escobar, Javier to Steve Murphy, everyone is exactly the same as in the film and with the addition of a Mexican soundtrack, Narcos Slot is pretty successful in their blending job

Narcos Free Spins And Bonuses

There are three types of bonuses that available on NetEnt’s Narcos slot with each offer will deliver you various potentials to reach the winning. Trust us, you can never imagine how massive they are:

  • Drive-By: it can be triggered during the game and as soon as it is active, bullets will be shot out onto the screen, turning regular symbols into wilds.
  • Lock Up: it can be taken when three or more Locked Up symbols show up on the screen. You get triple spins where only Pablo Escobar and golden briefcase symbols are active. There will be different prize values on each Escobar symbol and they are locked into place. The best thing will be that when you hit on a golden briefcase, you will gain a huge win by triggering multipliers.
  • Free Spins: 10 free spins will land up on your area when you got 3 free spins symbol on one run. Along in this round, a shootout is happening all over the reels, with fired bullets adding wilds to the reels. You can achieve more wins if these symbols turn to walking-wide.

Narcos Demo Play: A must-to 

Just as mentioned, you shouldn’t look at the book and judge it right away. With Narcos slots, that quote is even more true that if you don’t get the rule or how the game operates, your money will go down to nowhere. That is the reason why things like Narcos Demo Play are on the option.

With 5000 free spins requiring no need for sign up or deposit, all you have to do is just try and enjoy. Until you have the feeling that you know how it works and is ready to make some real cash before you then go on with making a new account.

Once again, preparation is necessary for a better and guarantee to win. Gambling without knowledge is a huge mistake. Therefore, you need to suit yourself up with experience, and then, let’s take the wheel.

High chance to win 

There are no drawbacks here, the chance for victory all lies in your hands if you are wise and have enough experience. You may choose to take advantage of 5000 free spins at first to learn and when you decide the time has come. Also, if you look back at 243 ways that the game offers, the prizes could be easy to catch up.

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