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Must-Know Benefits of E-Learning Technology in Education

The game-changing character of e-learning technologies is crucial for our education. It has already brought tablets to the classrooms substituting multiple textbooks with easy-to-carry gadgets. However, some educators are still too sceptical about the full adoption of e-learning technologies in education that no longer requires the physical presence of a learner in a classroom. Most likely, it stems from the fear of teachers to be substituted with technologies and machines. Perhaps, in 20 or 30 years the future will be exactly like that, yet for now, our educational system is primarily based on human-to-human interaction where an educator is both a sharer of expertise and an organizer of the whole educational process. On the other hand, e-learning technology serves as a medium simplifying delivery of information to learners and offering a good deal of benefits for all the participants of the educational process.

Saving time and resources

Whether you are an educator or a learner, you receive an amazing opportunity to omit using print materials with the right tools. Moreover, this way of delivering the lesson without a bunch of handouts is more eco-friendly and largely fancied by the Z generation of students. Tests, home tasks, sources, visual materials and other additional materials, which are necessary for the efficient lesson, can be simply shared with the chosen group of learners or even by learners themselves through such learning management platforms as Edmodo, Schoology, etc. With their help, the learning process is significantly facilitated. For instance, the platforms can offer 24×7 access from any handheld devices to all the necessary lecture or workshop materials, in-build calendars with deadlines and notifications, electronic attendance and grade books.

Distance is no longer an issue

With e-learning tools, an educator can adjoin a learner who can’t attend classes because of prolonged illness, in case a student is temporarily staying abroad or other acceptable excuses. Online learning without borders has become an amazing benefit vastly utilized by such tutoring services as Preply offering to learn any language or subject wherever a person is. This is also called Skype-tutoring which is convenient for both participants of the process. An educator can combine in-class tutoring with Skype lessons and increase monthly income whereas a learner can combine the full-time job with learning saving time and money on commuting. Hence, e-learning technologies allow attending the course notwithstanding your whereabouts providing the necessary continuity of a learning process.

Self-control and transparency

Many learning management platforms allow gathering all assignments, due dates and the calendar of future activities in the classroom in one particular place. Thus, a learner entering a system can view what the group is currently learning missing one or two lessons. A learner automatically gets a number of instructions and assignments to complete. The main benefit of such a system is that a learner can contact a teacher at any time or another learner through a single platform and get additional explanations or sources for self-learning. With such e-learning tools, a learner gets more responsibility to control own learning process which becomes transparent in the system that tracks all the lessons, assignments, assessment tests, and academic progress of a learner.

Increasing interest and improving motivation

Unlike traditional methods, e-learning allows improving in-class interaction between a tutor and a student as well as motivation and interest in the subject. Generations of learners who have grown with smartphones in their hands can’t accept the old ways of delivering data. Today’s students are used to concise and informative infographics they usually come across their social media networks. Of course, such learners are hard to get interested in long lecture-type monologues and explanations delivered with the help of a whiteboard hence the increasing popularity of e-courses such as online masters in clinical mental health counseling. A good solution is to apply the right tools like presentations or infographics which involve bright visuals, facts and briefly explained data. Thus, a learner will interact with the material and the generation gap between a teacher and a student will not be that sizeable.

Benefits of e-learning technologies go far beyond this list since the numerous technologies are emerging faster than teachers manage to master them. For instance, the range of Play Market apps only for memorizing material like definitions or words is expanding monthly since it has already acquired a huge popularity among learners. Hence, today educators, as well as learners who are eager to achieve progress, must also monitor and study new applications, web, and desktop software programmes that can considerably enhance the whole learning process.

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  1. Oliver Ganiyu

    October 3, 2017 at 8:44 am

    I’m always a fan of distance learning because most of the knowledge im using now to get my daily bread is gotten through distance learning.

  2. Shikha Gupta

    October 5, 2017 at 7:12 am

    E-learning is really helpful to learn and explore something new . The points you shared in your blog are really helpful to understand the importance of E-learning. Thanks, for sharing such a nice blog.

  3. Riya Malhotra

    January 13, 2018 at 8:02 am

    E-Learning is an important tool nowadays for an Individual’s growth and development. With the rapid spread of the concept of eLearning, people are now getting engaged in learning new skills and polishing their abilities in order to get the best out of them.

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