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Must-Have Apps for College Students


Starting college is an exciting time for young students. Entering into adulthood and living on your own is exhilarating. No one to answer to and you can do anything you want. However, students soon realize that being on your own in college can be difficult. But unlike our parents, we have access to the latest technology, which can really help with daily college activities. There are many apps available that can help college students to have a better experience in class as well as in life. Below are a few must-have options.


It is important for every student to keep track of class times, homework, activities, etc. A planner comes in very handy but who wants to carry one around and write stuff down? Why not use your mobile? Studious is a great app that helps by allow students to list schedules for classes, homework, notes and photos. You can take advantage of many features of this app including automatic silencing of your phone when the class time begins!


It is important for every student to have quick access to references when needed. Merriam-Webster Dictionary offers an application for students to use to have quick access to definitions, use a thesaurus and so much more.

Voice Recorders

We have all had that one teacher or professor who has a monotone voice and talks forever! These lectures can be very hard to listen to or even stay away for. This is when a voice recorder comes in handy. The QuickVoice Recorder app is a great option for recording the professor’€™s voice so you can keep track of class. With this app, you can email the recording of the lecture to yourself and then listen to it later. You can also set a reminder so you will go back and listen to it to take notes!

Study Help

It is also important to study when away at college and with the STUDYBLUE app, you can make studying a breeze. This app will help you study by providing an option to create digital flashcards by uploading study materials. You can then filter the flashcards as you study so that you only study the cards you need help with instead of all of the content. You can also import notes for additional studying help.


Another great app is the Pocket option. When writing papers or essays, you may need to research your topic. During your research you may find articles or web pages to use as resources. This can clog up your computer or email with links to these items with so many papers to work on throughout your education. With the Pocket app, you can save these items on the app and simply go to the list later for review. This saves you time and space on your devices.

These are just a few apps that can help you during your college years. In your spare time, research your app store to find a few more options to help you take advantage of your education.

Rachel Smith is a freelance writer who writes content for MTI College on topics such as computer coding training program.

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Rachel Smith is an avid shopper who always enjoys a great deal. She is constantly scouring the internet for the latest deals and promotions and always shares her findings with others! She also writes on varies topics related to internet.



  1. Donald Quixote

    November 11, 2013 at 6:49 pm

    Great advice, I know that when I start school next semester I’ll definitely need apps like these on my iPhone.

  2. King

    November 12, 2013 at 1:02 am

    Pocket is very useful. I’ve used it a couple times to help me keep track of places on the net for research papers. I don’t know what I would have done without the thing.

  3. Donald Quixote

    November 20, 2013 at 10:14 pm

    When it comes to planners or scheduling the easiest options I have used is google calendar (free) and it works well, and Outlook which you can get if you have a professional windows OS but I wouldn’t recommend purchasing it separately (not worth it)

  4. Dylan

    December 25, 2013 at 8:31 pm

    If I were to study all over again, I would want somebody to purchase some premium packages at some of the cloud computing services. I always need more space there. I’m talking about Dropbox and similar things.

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