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How Much Does it Cost to Make an iOS App?

Serious iOS apps are a blend of good planning, strong conceptual foundation (of both engineering and design), matchless talent, and a brilliant ecosystem. An unrivalled combination of all these particulars has some value, which of course is measured in terms of money (cost). Keep in mind, the quality of your app largely depends on the price you are willing to pay. And the cost of app development isn’t limited to one figure. It varies according to the particular needs of the individuals and the device it is being developed for (iPad, iPhone 6, iPhone5, iPhone 4 or basic iPhone).

The list below highlights the basic figures of the development costs –

Table based app – Simple iOS App costs between $1,000 and $4,000. You will need to provide clear direction, content, and sample apps to the iOS App Developer. A table-based app may cost you only $1,500 if you supply the graphics to the expert in addition to the above. The additional particulars like Social media integration, GPS locators, etc. add to the total development cost of a table based iOS app.

Games apps – Their cost could range anywhere from $10,000 to $250,000. The worth of advanced game apps is centred in their graphics. The code and levels integrated with an app are next important factors that affect its overall cost. Bear in mind, a complicated game app may not be entertaining necessarily. The investment should be worth the app’s features. The other particulars that cover the cost of iOS games app include top scores and online communities of the game. Note that even if you intend to keep iPhone App development hyper simple, it may get complicated eventually. This is because integrating an online community and hooking top scores can be tricky, which results in increased cost.

Database-driven app – The price of such apps depends on the kind of data, content, sound, and images that are loaded on a framework. It requires intense skill and expertise of iPhone App Developers to come up with A-grade database-driven apps. The minimum development cost of an iOS database-driven app is $9,000, while the maximum is $50,000. The focal point of these apps is the logic and quality of content added to them. It is, for this reason, the price of these apps is a little higher than the table based apps.

Other components – In addition to the above there are a number of other figures that account for an iOS app’s cost. The level of variables, design, development and other IT factors make it tough to estimate the exact cost of an app, but iOS App developers can surely determine a rough estimate according to your needs. For example, your iOS app has all the animations as you desired. But you might look forward to hiring a computer animator to get some moving graphics integrated with your app. Or you might require additional images and sound to enhance its appeal. All of these and much more add to the overall cost of app development.

Concluding Word

In a nutshell, it can be said that the total cost of an iOS app is based on the different variables added to it. Also, your choice of iPhone App developer affects the cost of app development. You can either find an all-inclusive firm or hire an independent app developer for your requirements. Just be wary of the service quality you’ll be offered on hiring either of the two. Remember, your iOS app will not gain popularity merely by sitting on the App Store. Some analytics, attention and marketing are crucial to get the best value out of your investment. It is advisable to think more about the strategy and less about the cost of the app. Strive hard towards gaining highest ROI. Don’t limit your focus on high investment.

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