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Motorola CLS Series: An Effective Solution for Businesses

Better communication is very important in businesses. A lot of companies look for an effective medium for communication among their employees. Two-way communication radios are one highly effective and widely used mode of communication in organizations. These two-way radios headset were designed keeping in mind the business productivity which is why you find them simple to operate and offer reliable service. Motorola has been a prominent maker of two-way communication radios.

The Motorola CLS series is highly popular for its durable nature and ability to withstand the daily rigor of the work. If you are also looking for a reliable mode of communication at your workplace, then this article will help you know about the two-way communication devices offered by Motorola.

Two-Way Communication Radios

Two-way communication radios are pioneers of handheld communication systems. These devices came into existence much before mobile phones and are still used for communication at various levels. From offices to police forces to the army, you will find two-way communication devices everywhere.

The devices are differentiated on the communication frequency UHF (Ultra High Frequency) and VHF (Very High Frequency). VHF waves cannot penetrate buildings and other obstacles but can travel nearly double the distance of UHF in an open area, which is why radios using VHF technology are used in open areas and ones running on UHF are used in confined areas.

What Makes Motorola CLS Series Different?

Motorola portable radios provide businesses with a range of features that can not only increase productivity and efficiency at work, but also help in improving security, and overall customer service. Here are some features that make Motorola handheld devices different.

  • Lightweight Design
    The light design makes the devices of the Motorola CLS Series easy to carry all day, while the durable built enables the radios yet to withstand everyday use.
  • Exclusive Business Frequencies
    The Motorola CLS Series radios operate on 56 exclusive frequencies for business and feature 121 codes that ensure clarity in signals.
  • Long Battery Life
    The Motorola radios come with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery that is capable of providing up to 12 hours of battery backup which is sufficient for a standard work shift.
  • Keypad Lock
    The Motorola CLS series radios come with a keypad lock, which is a feature that is included to prevent accidental changes to the settings of communication devices as well as unnecessary access.
  • Different Call Tones
    There are three selectable call tones that can be set to alert the user of an incoming transmission. Different toes for different incoming can be set.

The Many Uses of Motorola CLS Series Communication Radios

  • Medical Offices
    Medical offices like hospitals and clinics are visited by a lot of people and managing the rush as well as providing efficient service is highly important. Constant communication plays an important role in doing this. The reception staff, doctors, nurses, and all the other support staff need to be connected all the time.
  • Event Management
    Organizing and managing events is a stressful job. Keeping in touch with the crew all the time is imperative to get the job done as soon as possible. This allows in organizing a successful event.
  • Retail Business
    Retail business is always brimming with clients and in such scenarios, it is vital to have effective communication between the floor and the stock room. This not only helps in effective customer handling but also enables the office staff to serve the client in a much better manner.

In The End

Motorola CLS Series offers highly convenient types of two-way communication radios. You can opt for this series if you are looking for a powerful communication medium. In addition to this, you can also try Motorola CLP Series radios. Look for a reliable retailer to get your hands on these reliable and cost-effective communication devices for your business.

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