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Most Common Home Plumbing Mistakes That Homeowners Make

If there’s something wrong with your plumbing system, it’s important to fix whatever is causing it. Lots of people like to do their plumbing work in Sydney. There are some simple plumbing problems that a homeowner can handle on their own, without calling a professional plumber. But sometimes attempting these simple fixes can lead to an expensive repair or a plumbing emergency. You should have the proper knowledge of the types, fittings, and size of the pipes and other types of equipment to solve the plumbing issues.

Plumbing is a complicated system consisting of interconnected fixtures, pipes, and fittings. You can take care of them by scheduling regular inspections and maintenance. Here is the list of some common plumbing mistakes that homeowners must avoid to protect their plumbing system.

Forgetting to Turn Off the Water

Working on plumbing without turning off the main water supply valve is a silly but quite common mistake, you can risk a flood and damage to the pipes. Flooding a basement while you’re trying to perform a simple fix is a much, much bigger hassle or a terrible mess. You should locate the main supply valve and have the necessary tools on hand required to turn it off in the time of an emergency.

Using Chemical Drain Cleaner

If you struggle with the inconvenience of a clogged drain, make sure that you never use chemical drain cleaners. They are inexpensive, easy to use, and generally work quickly but as much as they can harm the human body, chemical drain cleaners can also hurt your pipes. The plumbing damage is getting worse if the cleaner fails to clear your blocked drain. Letting an expert blocked drain plumber handle your clogged drain can save you from worrying about future plumbing problems.

Over Tightening The Fixture

Overtightening supply tubes, pipes, fittings, and toilet bolts is one of the common plumbing mistakes that homeowners make. You might think that you need to get everything as tight as possible in your place to ensure your plumbing features are working properly. But you are putting your plumbing features at risk by over-tightening them. It will warp the rubber fittings inside the pipes over time, which can increase the risk of leaks and cause a flood. Then you have to call an emergency plumber to sort out this issue.

Pouring Oils or Grease Down Your Drain

If you’re a fan of fried foods, you may be tempted to pour oil and grease down your kitchen sink. But you are unaware of the problem caused by this hot grease. In near time, this grease accumulation in your pipes causes a blockage and other plumbing problems. When oil is poured down the drain, it becomes a sticky magnet for debris that can clog your drain lines and even your main sewer line. Ultimately, you should never pour grease, cooking oil, or any kind of fat down your sink.

Flushing Odd Items into the Toilet

One of the biggest plumbing mistakes most people make is flushing things down like hair, cigarette butts, sanitary napkins, cotton balls, paper towels, diapers, toys, or clothing into their toilet that really shouldn’t be flushed. When you flush these things into the toilet, they go down and get stuck somewhere along the drain line. It can cause some serious and expensive problems for your plumbing lines. If you want to avoid any plumbing emergencies, avoid flushing anything down your toilet.

Connecting Galvanized and Copper Pipes

When galvanized and copper pipes are connected, it results in corrosion at the place of plumbing. It is crucial to make sure that while repairing damaged parts, the two materials do not come in contact with one another. Having corroded plumbing components can lead to many future problems. You have to use the special joint, dielectric union that uses a plastic sleeve and rubber washer. It will help to prevent the copper and galvanized piping from touching one another.

Handling Plumbing Work Without Proper Knowledge

Some of the homeowners take plumbing challenges but they did not have a piece of proper knowledge about plumbing activities. In that case, you may find yourself dealing with challenges and complexities that only make your plumbing problems worse. It can also result in significant damage to your plumbing systems. Doing DIY work without knowledge of the process can result in significant damage to your plumbing systems and cost more money.

If you have a plumbing emergency on your hands or are looking for the best professional plumbers in Sydney, for blocked drain or hot water repair services, contact Mates Rates Plumbing today for the best solution to any plumbing issues.  We have all the skills and experience you need to fix those little things that may not have quite gone the way you planned.

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