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More Than Instagram: The Best Apps For Camera Enthusiasts

camera appsSocial networking has transformed the way the world communicates. Thanks to Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, the world knows more about our personal lives than it probably should.

We post pictures daily, hashtag for likes, and tell the world our jumbled thoughts. But, with Instagram, we are both sharing and capturing memories. It provides us filters, editing options, and an online photo album to remind us of our special moments.

For the photographers of the world, Instagram is fun, but because editing relies heavily on the filters offered, everyone has a similar picture. They look cool, but true lovers of photography need to have more versatility with a camera to capture those artsy moments.

Thanks to design innovators that work as a mobile app development team, camera apps exist that allow for ingenious camera capabilities on a small piece of technology.


A free app, this camera offers the ability to focus, change exposure, and enhance color in a natural, realistic manner. You can fine-tune your pictures in a manner that enhances the photo rather than taking away anything.

2. Camera+

A well-known app for camera lovers out there, this one has been voted as one of the best iPhone apps available. This app allows the user to adjust both focus and exposure, choose different scene modes like those on a real camera, and has an intuitive interface. This app is $.99.

3. Hipstamatic

This app is so much fun because it brings back the vintage cameras like Polaroid. It comes with multiple lenses, different types of film, and different kinds of flash. These effects offer a unique picture experience. This is available for $1.99 with $.99 additional packages.

4. Repix

This app is like the artist’s dream app. It offers more options than just filters; instead, you can create interesting effects with different brushes which add lighting enhancement, color, unusual effects, etc. This app is free and well-worth the download.

5. Afterlight

Simple in design and use, this app lets you edit your photos artistically. This is a great app to toy around with in order to learn the best way to edit photos. It has over 50 filters and 60 texture options to turn your photos into their best quality. For $.99, this app is worth it.

6. PicLab HD

PicLab HD is such a fun app because you can add graphics, text, and extra artwork to create one of a kind pictures. You can design your pictures however you want with various design elements to transform your picture into a masterpiece. This app is $1.99.

7. Luminance

With Luminance, you are given preset editing tools, much like an extremely simplified version of Photoshop for you phone. You can add layers, change the brightness, contrast, and white balance to truly edit your photos to look high quality camera worthy. This is available for $.99.

Having these apps available on your phone allow for you to use your iPhone or smart phone like you would a regular camera and let your inner artsy side shine through.

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  1. Rohit

    January 13, 2014 at 4:30 am

    thanks for introducing me with these best camera applications, hope one of these app will be a great help for me. going to check them all..! trial first.. 🙂

    • Irfan AK

      August 28, 2014 at 8:03 am

      Many Thanks Ted. I will check all these updates hope its helpful for me.

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