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Mobile Customer Services – 5 Reasons Why Modern Businesses Need It!

The present generation of the millennial is best defined as a population of restless people who demand access to the world at the click of a button (or the swipe of a screen). The ability to initiate service requests from their smart phones—whether it is by commencing a live chat or even co-browsing with industry representatives—customers enjoy having the dynamics of cloud computing at easy disposal.

The technology of mobile customer services is gaining popularity with surging smartphone purchases since the last couple of years. According to the latest statistics, by 2017 about 87% of the global connected device market will be dominated by tablets and smartphones. In addition, 2015 will witness more people accessing web using their smartphones and tablets than PCs. The changing consumer preference has prompted global companies to rethink their communication channels.

mobile customer service

Mobile customer relationship management is a contemporary application designed to be accessed and executed through mobile platforms. The technology enables organizations to manage, add, and edit interactions with existing or prospective customers through mobile apps and handheld devices. It has been typically designed to facilitate the functions of marketing sales personnel who often need access to the company’s core CRM application.

Here is why integrating mobile customer service has become indispensable for organizations:

Reason #1 – Customer Service at Anytime, from Anywhere

The customers we deal with today are no longer a homogenous mass of people whose preferences were easily addressable. They have become more empowered with the advent of mobile technology. This generation of customers, or mobile customers, expects services at any time of the day from anywhere.

Having a customized mobile app for instance can help gratify consumer needs almost instantly. These apps are designed to help businesses redress consumer issues and grievances at a snap of the finger. Therefore, the customer will no longer have to wait, or pause, or loop back for hours to get to the next step to get their tasks completed.

Reason #2 – Enhance Customer Experience with Prompt Service

Customers who previously grew accustomed to listening to recorded on-hold music while waiting for personalized response now have the choice in how they would like to contact a support team of an organization. When organizations reach out to customers via mobile, they are actually helping in enhancing customer experience by providing them with prompt and better services. No incumbent principle in any organization can matter more than the creation of a superior customer engagement. Therefore, IT leaders in any organization are constantly affianced in the innovation of channels to promote customer engagement.

Reason #3 – Customers Demand Direct Interaction

As the grip of smart phones tightens, engulfing the daily lives of modern customers, their market expectation has continued to grow steadily in the recent few years. As mobile devices outstrip the conventional PCs, customer groups have consequently shown a shift in their inclination from e-mail interaction to direct dialogue with contact centers from their smartphones. Perhaps, for many, the usage of smartphones and devices has emerged as a more prolific option of communication, especially when they are on the go.

Reason #4 – Resolve Customer Queries at the Snap of Finger

Until a few years ago, having a dedicated mobile app for customer service might have seemed trivial. However, global organizations today have graduated from their summer of 90’s, and are waiting to scoop tricks on how to capitalize on smart technology optimally. Evolving technology that aligns with mobile customer trends is the need of the hour. One can say that mobile customer service is a direct offspring of mobile revolution that has helped organizations to resolve customer queries and redress grievances, if any, at the snap of their fingers.

Reason #5 – Stay Connected with Customers 24*7

Mobile customer services offer a win-win technique that not only allows organizations to stay connected with their market 24*7 but also lets them enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge technology to handle the dynamic needs of customers across channels. If the organizations have to keep pace with present market dynamics, it is essential that they resort to the pocket-size communication channel to stay connected with the customers even on the go. This technique also gives access to a minefield of consumer intelligence that can be deployed in leveraging the business’ existing strengths.

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Panchali Mallik works as a Senior Writer with Transparency Market Research. Prior to this she also has had experience of working as a copywriter and academic writer for other companies. Having completed her Masters in Mass Communication & Journalism, investigating and exploring interesting subjects is her forte. Panchali’s extensive experience as a content expert in the IT industry has stirred her inquisitiveness to research on the historical, contemporary, and unexplored nuances of the novel technologies and scientific developments. Other than this, she also enjoys investigating the latest advances in the digital world and how the same is likely to impact economies worldwide.

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