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Mobile App Mistakes People Make

So often, we’re all called on to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative, or to make sure we look at things from a “do” standpoint and not a “do not” one. Keep things upbeat and constructive; there’s no room here for judging or playing the blame game, or so we’re told. Ah, but there’s merit in sometimes calling out errors that people or organizations do. By identifying these errors, others can take steps to ensure that they don’t repeat the mistakes.

Apps have lots of uses, so consequently there are lots of chances for mistakes too

Take apps, for instance. There are a ton of apps out there, and these things are constantly cited as amazing tools that make life easier and better for individuals, as well as deliver prosperity and success to businesses. But like anything else, they can be mishandled, misused, and just plain misunderstood.

But as the article “The 5 Mistakes People Make With Mobile Apps” points out, “More and more companies are moving to mobile,” so it’s important to call attention to those mistakes and how to avoid them. Here are four errors to avoid.

Trying To Blur The Line Between A Mobile Website Launcher And An Actual App

Okay, so mobile computing is more popular than ever, and it shows no sign of slowing down. So in order to get in on it, your business creates a mobile website, and offers people a launcher so that they can add it for their device and access the site. That’s an app, right?

Wrong! That’s a downloadable shortcut to a mobile website, not an app. A widget that lets someone quickly access the Crazy Joe’s Ice Cream Overlords site is not an app. An application found on Crazy Joe’s site that allows the user to design a virtual ice cream sundae and then order it online, is.

Not Calling Sufficient Attention To The App In The First Place

Sometimes, a business will dump all of the resources needed to create a legitimate, bona fide, useful app. Then they drop the ball by not presenting it front and center. There are some company websites out there that have their app link so well-hidden that you wonder if they’re ashamed of it or something. A link for the app should be right there, in your face, on the front page, not stashed on the site map at the bottom of the About Us page.

That’s why every constructed app should be accompanied by its own dedicated marketing strategy.

Trying To Be All Things To All Users

As the moral of the Aesop’s fable “The Miller, The Son, and the Donkey” goes, “If you try to please everybody, you will please nobody.” Some companies, in an effort to get the maximum audience return for their app, try and design one that is compatible with all available platforms out there. No one is left out! Sadly, the result is usually swapping away the potential for one great app that works on one platform only, for an app that sucks equally on a number of different platforms!

A business that’s trying to establish an online presence by rolling out an app should focus on doing a great job on one platform, then, if that works out, possibly branching out to other platforms at a later date.

Miscalculating An App’s Appeal

So your business has rolled out its very own app, spent the needed bucks to make it work great, and it’s being well-promoted. Naturally, it’s going to be a hit! After all, it’s an app, right? People love apps!

Not so fast. You created an app, and that’s cool. But there’s over three-quarters of a million apps out there. Does your app do anything interesting, or is it just a one-shot experience that people will discard without a second thought?

It’s not enough to create an app; the app needs to be useful, or entertaining beyond a one-joke concept, or yes. An app that actually involves something people are interested in, and can be used over and over is an app that will have a long life and widespread exposure.

There are other pitfalls out there, but this quartet of shame covers some of the worst sins. If you want some inspiration on how to do apps right, read up on “Six of the Best Apps You May Have Missed”.

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