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Mistakes to Avoid before Hiring a Commercial Cleaning Professional

Here are some common mistakes when hiring a commercial cleaning company. Read and find out what they are so you can avoid them in the future.

When it comes to your company, a clean work environment is vital for works to do their best work. While everyone pitches in to keep individual desk areas clean, it’s often down to your hired commercial cleaning service to do the bulk of the job. Responsible for maintaining a safe, clean space, so that everyone in the office works safely and comfortably.

While the job of finding a good commercial cleaning company seems easy enough, it can sometimes be tricky to find a reliable service. That’s why we’ve shared some of the common mistakes companies make when looking for a professional service.

Mistakes to Avoid when Hiring a Cleaning Service-

1. Looking for the cheapest service

When hiring, you’ll want to stick to your set budget meaning you may be tempted to look for a cheaper rate. However, you’ll often get what you pay for when it comes to the quality and punctuality of the service. Now, we’re not saying don’t look for a competitive rate, but do your research and look carefully through reviews before making any decisions. Otherwise, you may find yourself spending more money to hire another company to complete the first job.

A good tip is to shop around and use word of mouth to find a service that best suits your office needs and budget.

2. Not agreeing on a set scope of work

While hiring someone to clean your space may seem like a simple agreement, it’s through not being clear about your needs that miscommunication arises. As a business owner, you know that a scope of work should be discussed and agreed upon (preferably in writing) before any work is undertaken. Furthermore, when deciding on a professional cleaning service, make everyone involved understands the rules, regulations, and service agreements put in place. Not only will this discussion help. It will help you clearly understand the terms under which the work is carried out but keep everyone safe and accountable.

Research first to find a suitable and reliable company to suit your workplace needs. Be upfront about your expectations, and don’t be afraid to negotiation when needed. That way, simple disputes like who’s responsible for cleaning out the coffee machine are dealt with upfront.

3. Not checking their license and the documents of the service

When deciding on which cleaning service to hire, you should always verify their documentation and licensing. A professional cleaning company will have a valid certification, making them trustworthy and legally sound. By looking for cleaning services that are fully licenced, you’ll often be able to find those who are verified by local circles or a trade organisation.

4. Overlooking the company’s insurance coverage policy

Now that you’ve ensured a certified vendor, the next step is to familiarise yourself with the company’s insurance policy. Mistakes can happen, and one of the biggest ones you can make is overlooking what’s covered. In the case of property damage, you want to be able to rest easy knowing that everything’s covered. So when hiring y our cleaning company, make sure you understand their policies and ensure you’re protected.

5. Not asking for credible references

Researching a company and seeking out their reviews is another essential part of the hiring process that is often overlooked. When hiring, focus on the company’s preceding jobs and their client reviews. Ask for references and follow up. While it may be a little time-consuming to verify references, this action can often save you a lot of trouble in the long run. You can also get a sense of how the cleaning service will fit into your company and can be the make or break decision when it comes to who you hire.

6. Ignoring the cleaning service’s specialisation

Cleaning companies will differ depending on their work method, tools, and specialities. For example, residential cleaning services will have equipment and expertise especially for households, while commercial cleaning companies; they have the tools, skillset, and years of experience that makes them the best fit for office or industrial spaces.

When hiring, it’s important to both be upfront with your requirements and hire a cleaning service that is best suited to your space.

7. Failure to provide clear instructions

Before committing to a commercial cleaning service, you need to communicate what your expectations are and make sure everyone is on the same page. While the company you hire will be professionals, you’ll still need to set clear boundaries and instructions for everything to run smoothly. In failing to provide these can result in miscommunication and a poor job.

Final words

By following these tips, you can avoid these mistakes in order to hire a professional cleaning service that’s right for you. Take your time to research, plan, and choose a reliable commercial cleaning professional to meet your office’s cleaning needs. You can easily order a skip bin online to manage your office waste from a locally owned and operated bin hire service providers. Having a clean working environment is an excellent motivation for your employers and can promote more productivity.

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