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Maximizing Business Growth in the Tech Industry in America Through Social Media Engagement

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Did you know that according to a report from Hootsuite, the world has over 4.2 billion active users of social media? In fact, reports that as of 2020, America had 240 million active social media users, about 72.3% of its total population. This means there is a large customer base on social media that tech companies can take advantage of.

In our current digital era, businesses in the tech industry are constantly seeking effective strategies to maximize growth and stay ahead of the competition. One strategy they adopt is to leverage social media and engage consistently with their audience. Read on to find out ways tech companies in America can utilize social media engagement to their advantage.

Harnessing the Power of Social Media Engagement

One way tech companies can break forth and gain popularity is by building a robust online presence on different social media platforms. These companies can speedily achieve this by constantly implementing the practical options below:

Content Marketing Strategies

Source: Pexels

Prioritizing content creation that resonates with a target audience is crucial to achieving successful social media engagement. For example, Starbucks created a short video on 27th June 2021 to market their roastery on social media, and within a day they had 67k likes on the video.

A quote by Jon Buscall, CEO of Moondog Marketing says, “Content builds relationships.” While Jay Baer, a renowned global business strategist, author, and entrepreneur was quoted to have said, “Content is fire, social media is gasoline”. This shows that content marketing helps to drive constant social media engagement. You can achieve this by creating trending valuable and shareable content like blog posts, articles, videos, and infographics. High-quality and informative content increases user engagement and smooth connection with your audience. That way, tech companies can position themselves as thought leaders.

In addition, tech companies must stay up to date on upcoming events to enable the personalization of content. One way tech industries can keep track is by staying up to date with the economic data calendar, which provides valuable data on upcoming economic events, such as product launches, industry conferences, and market trends like the stock market and financial market. By integrating this calendar into their social media strategy, tech companies can align their content with relevant events and optimize their reach.

Influencer Marketing

A large buying audience is another essential factor tech industries use to grow their business and meeting influencers for adverts is one way they achieve this. Influencer marketing has gained significant traction in the tech industry. One example of a tech company that leveraged influencer marketing for growth is Best Fiends. Best Fiends, a video game company partnered with several influencers to create over 700 YouTube videos that showcased how you can operate the video game and how it works. What Best Fiends did right was partnering with influencers who aligned with their brand values and target audience. In the end, the Youtube campaign attracted 2 million active users.

Collaborating with influencers who have a substantial social media following will help tech companies expand their reach and gain credibility. Especially when they recommend your product or service, this expressly gives their followers a sense of trust and authenticity. Indirectly, influencer marketing increases brand awareness and massive business growth.

Benefits of Social Media to Maximize Business Growth

Social media platforms offer numerous benefits to maximize business growth in the tech industry. Some of these benefits are:

Cost-Effective Marketing

Advertising your products and services on social media is way cheaper when compared to traditional marketing channels. In reality, tech companies reach a large audience without spending significant amounts on advertising. With targeted campaigns and optimized content, social media can deliver excellent marketing results at a fraction of the cost.

Market Research and Insights

Social media platforms offer valuable insights into customer preferences, trends, and behaviors. This is possible because it provides an excellent opportunity for tech companies to engage with their customers directly. By actively responding to comments, addressing concerns, and seeking feedback, companies can build strong customer relationships and foster a loyal customer base.

Additionally, positive feedback from customers can be invaluable in boosting the confidence of new customers.  A report by Gartner digital markets ( on a survey carried out in 2022 claims that 85% of buyers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. At the same time, negative feedback helps companies in identifying areas for improvement and innovation. Hence, enabling companies to stay ahead of the competition.

In summary, by embracing social media as a powerful marketing tool, tech companies can stay ahead in a highly competitive industry and grow their brand with massive audiences.

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