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Maximize Your Profit Through Resource Scheduling Software

Running a business whether it is family owned or a corporation cannot avoid scheduling problems that can affect the business. Scheduling for workplace has been identified as the main cause of delays in implementing projects, and processing documents because of human error or overlapping of assignments. It is a common scenario in a working environment where employees are pressured every 15 days because some projects are not properly documented. When it comes to releasing of payroll, matters pertaining to overtime, salary deductions and benefits are not carried together because the disbursing officer or the cashier failed to sum them up. Workers on shift are confused about their schedule because they are not properly notified.

These are some of the problems that are experienced by most business organizations because the processing is done manually even if they are using word processors. Efforts have been made by the top level management to hire an accountant or auditor but the problem does not end. Indeed, running a business organization entails big responsibility. This is the reason why companies hire college degree holders preferably with MBA degree and Certified Public Accountants to make the work efficient. Managers entrust the resource management under the care of project management to handle all issues but in the end, there is no accurate solution to resolve them. Project management is a separate entity from resource management. Project managers possess credentials and trainings to handle sensitive issues like ensuring the deliverables of projects at a certain time. In this regard, business organizations should approach their business from the point of view of resource management. If not, the problem remains a vicious cycle and therefore should look for other method of resolving the problem to achieve optimum success.

The complexities in scheduling have led some companies to invest in a resource scheduling software to make the workload easy. It is no wonder why this software has become popular in corporate world because it is efficient in organizing activities, resources, and making assessments and evaluation of profits and make major forecast of how the project will function. Instead of leaving the gargantuan task of resource management to the team managers or team leaders, they need to hire resource scheduling experts who have the necessary tools to help smoothen the business processing instead of paper trail using those outmoded spreadsheets that may sometimes lost or gutted by fire. The service provider is equipped with the knowledge and experience to help business organizations move forward using the software that saves time, removes stress and taxing work.

What are the advantages of using such software in workplace?

The advantages of investing in software for resource scheduling are:

  1. It removes confusion in scheduling and planning of resources, reassigning and delegating of workload, shifts and overtime, daily time record, and payroll.
  2. It serves as a guidepost for efficient and well organized resource scheduling and management. Using the software will be less cumbersome and less frustrating when it comes to handling projects and issues in the human resource department. Setting up shifts and delegating assignments and deadlines could be easier and lighter.
  3. The budget department can benefit from the software in the sense that it help calculate the number of employees, and the number of units produced daily or weekly. It presents the exact amount of production cost, maintenance cost and operating cost.
  4. It gives exact forecast about the company’s growth or production target at a specific period of time. It helps calculate the overall result and performance of the project and target goal of the company because of its sophisticated tool. While manual record keeping can be doctored, this software can trace if there are discrepancies in the books of account and ledger. It gives specific amount that the company can possibly reach.
  5. Man is imperfect, therefore it cannot be avoided that there are times when entries of financial records have errors. While there are hired accountants and experts in the business organization, human error cannot be avoided. With software for resource scheduling, all records are kept centralized and each department are directly connected when it comes to their information.
  6. It improves efficient performance in the administrative, accounting and human resource departments. When it comes to operability and functionality, these departments can optimize their resources and guarantees 100% success rate for their project management deliverables.

Business organizations fail because of the inability of their staff to meet deadlines and bookkeeping is inaccurate. If all departments are not in synched with each other, it is expected that hocus pucos may happen within the business organization. Manipulating time records, overtime and bookkeeping usually happens because they are done manually. For now, many companies may have realized the value of hiring resource scheduling experts to solve these issues. Man alone cannot give correct data when the company runs out of supply, raw materials and stocks. With software for resource scheduling, it is easy to locate the supplier and clients. When doing this task manually, it can delay the production and will cost additional expenses.

The software helps manage the tasks and increases production. It is a wrong idea for some businesses that they invest in additional resources than investing in reliable software for resource scheduling. They just do not know how important the software to their business is because they rely on people whom they hired because of their high scholastic record. As said earlier, humans are not perfect and sometimes they can commit errors. A slight error in their tasks will slow the production and decrease revenue. It is believed that it is more expensive to pay more than a hundred employees in the work force than getting software for resource scheduling.

One can never get wrong with this software because it is proven to be accurate than a human expert who sometimes can suffer dementia. The software can never suffer memory gap because information are accurately stored. Distributing work assignments for employees, making a round of follow ups, setting up schedule, sending messages and alert service personnel, monitoring and supervising work and attending customer service are made easy by the software. Its usage can help track down employees’ performance and it does not need its owner to hire a supervisor because everything is recorded on the software.

Although two heads are better than one, sometimes this adage may be wrong. What if the heads are not smart? With this software, there is nothing that the two heads can do to avoid mistakes. Making the most of the company resources is important too but it needs high technology to augment its production and increase revenue. Resource scheduling through software has been a perfect companion for business conglomerates in Hong Kong, New York, Singapore, Tokyo, Toronto and major cities of the world. The corporate world welcomes the opportunity of applying the technology to increase their production. Employees cannot escape from escaping or dilly dally their work because their movements are monitored by the software.

In order to succeed in the business world, corporate leaders must accept the fact that they cannot rely solely on their roster of experts because they sometimes can commit errors. They should be open-minded and accept the fact that technology changes almost every day. They have to adapt the changing times to keep abreast of the major development in the corporate world. If they close their minds, they cannot compete globally because they lag behind from their competitors. They have to realize that they have to invest quality of resources for scheduling to bring success to their endeavour. Committing errors with their business dealings will result to lack of confidence from stakeholders and eventually they will lose profits.

It is important that companies invest high quality resources to increase productivity, performance and profitability. If they do not emphasize the value of these three P’s in the end, they will suffer a great financial loss. As a company leader of a business organization, one must not be complacent because there are a lot of companies providing the same products and services as theirs have advanced technology in scheduling resources. They have to realize that all tasks should be well organized, well planned and well scheduled so that not a single business meeting or conference is missed. It is embarrassing that a company official failed to attend a very important appointment because the secretary misplaced the journal. But with software for scheduling resources, everything is put in order. It does need an assistant to remind the manager of his next schedule. An unattended meeting could mean loss of possible income because of using outdated journal. Setting an appointment with very important people is not an easy task because of their busy schedule and missing the thirty-minute dinner meeting is a big embarrassment on the part of the manager.

Clients are the bread and butter of the business organization. If one client walks out because no one attended the scheduled meeting, it can bring negative impact to the company because they would spread their bad experience to other clients. When loss of confidence from the clients, it would bring negative impact to the entire organization and millions of dollars are wasted. With proper software to handle the scheduling, all aspects of the business are taken care of and it could result to better production and putting the company name in the business map. The software has multifarious uses such as organizing appointment setting and it can make advance scheduling that will take place in the coming weeks, months and the entire year.

The scheduling software is directly connected and intertwined within the business organization so that each department can see what is going on and they can monitor all the movements and operation of the company. It also serves as customer booking system because it records incoming messages from customers and clients who want to order or make inquiries. It gives total comfort and convenience to the top level management. This software can result to numerous advantages which cannot be duplicated by a throng of employees. It gives unlimited advantages for its users and in the end boosts production and maximizes profitability. It also helps workers from making dilly dallies and prevent tardiness.

If you want your business to succeed whether it is a small scale enterprise or a big corporation, you need to have software for scheduling resources to improve marketability and become competitive. You are at peace because you know there can never be any mistake that can affect operation much less affect your reputation. It is important that creating a niche in whatever industry you are in, you have to protect your company or business reputation. The lack of it will have a negative impact on your business endeavors. So why waste time in manual record keeping when you can have software which is efficient and cost-saving to your business operation.

Written By

I am a project manager and a resource coordinator. I debate on the pro's and cons of using an efficient resource scheduling software in an organization. You can find me actively debating on my twitter.



  1. FrankCern

    August 23, 2013 at 4:18 pm

    Very thorough post Akshat. I think that whenever you can use software to increase efficiency, you should.

    • Akshat Singh

      August 24, 2013 at 5:59 am

      Thank you frank for taking your time to check out my guest post, i really feel that these software can really increase organizational productivity.

  2. evie

    September 24, 2013 at 8:46 am

    To keep track of tasks, all organizations face the challenge of ensuring proper task follow up, and managing people. If you do not emphasize the value of productivity, performance and profitability, then you will have to accept a financial losses. Project management software is needed to improve these three P’s.

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