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Is Marketing Ready For VR in 2018

With the current rapid technological advancement, numerous innovative technologies are poised to take over various business aspects such as marketing. One of the technologies that continue to create a huge buzz is virtual reality (VR). The excitement around it is owed to its ability to help marketers give their potential clients an immersive experience of their products.

Although the virtual reality concept has been around for some time, it is yet to attain mainstream reach. This challenge stems from the fact that virtual reality systems require an external connection to a computing device and significant investment due to its head-mounted display. Due to such reasons, some brands have appeared hesitant to incorporate the technology into their marketing strategies. We had a friendly chat with the directors of VRx3D and here are some recent innovations which in their opinion will help gauge the readiness of the marketing space for VR in 2018.

Integrated Advertising

Video games and PlayStation provide a unique platform for in-game advertising. The same case applies to VR technology only that the experience is more enjoyable and immersive for the consumers.   Football shirts are worn by FIFA players and the side boards placed around a field or race track present ideal advertising platforms. Marketers ought to take advantage of such opportunities by working closely with VR game developers.

Increased Adoption of VR Marketing by Music and Travel Industries

With reports citing that more VR users are inclined to music and travel experiences, the two industries can be anticipated to continue paving the way for other industries in VR marketing.  In fact, both industries boast sizeable budgets and high-quality content, which gives them an upper hand compared to highly regulated industries like healthcare and finance.

Real Estate VR Technology

Thanks to Giraffe360 Technology, a London-based startup, the real estate market could experience a    transformation in property viewing. The company designed the VR software to generate high-resolution images that can help showcase a given property regardless of its location. As such, this technology comes in handy for the real estate industry, primarily when targeting an audience based far away from the property in question.

Aside from showcasing properties, the company’s VR software can be utilized in creating real-life virtual images that represent the projected finished versions of new or developing properties. Citu, a UK-based company, is also said to be creating a VR experience that intends to allow potential customers to view new housing developments before they are built.

Increased Mobile VR

One of the challenges affecting virtual reality is the need for expensive headset displays, which most customers lack or cannot afford. This issue has prompted brands to consider mobile phones as suitable alternatives that can be transformed into VR devices using an easy-to-use converter kit. As 2018 progresses, expect the focus on VR marketing devices to shift to mobile phones.

Inclusion of Additional Effects

For some time, VR headsets have been more focused on delivering outstanding audio-visual experiences, which only exploits just two senses. With this in mind and still three others senses to explore, new start-ups have started looking at the possibility of headsets that could allow users to get a more immersive experience like feeling the wind blow.

The above developments mark a significant step towards VR marketing success. Looking at the trend, the marketing segment may not be entirely ready to take up VR. The technology has to overcome certain hurdles like its high cost before more marketers can accept and use it as a reliable marketing tool. Nevertheless, several VR marketing surprises should be expected in 2018.

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