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Managed Print Services and How They Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

As a business your first priority is likely to be increasing your efficiency and effectiveness with a view to reducing expenditure and increasing revenue. But what if you could do this while at the same time having a positive impact on your environment by decreasing your carbon footprint.


A managed print service is an excellent way of doing this; not only does it save you a lot of money, from a business point of view, but it ensures your printing regime is environmentally friendly. But how does it do this?

State of the art equipment

It stands to reason that the modern equipment you will have access to is designed to include the very best recycling measures and includes all environmentally friendly technology. This in itself is a great improvement on the older machines which can be disposed of. Manufacturers are legally obliged to dispose of old equipment and consumables by environmentally friendly means so it’s a win win situation.

Analysis of use

In the past there has been little analysis of the actual number of devices required by a business so there has often been an excess of machines which is not an economically or environmentally sound occurrence. This has all changed with managed print services where the number of printers present is based on accurate statistical data.

Toner alerts that can be automatically set

Konica Minoltas large selection of managed print services software allows for automated toner alerts to be set. Why is this helpful? Previously, there has not been any way of accurately assessing when a new toner will be required so ordering has been haphazard. This has meant that more deliveries than necessary have been made with all of the associated effects on the environment such as the fuel used. Now, you can be alerted when there is going to be a need for toner which improves planning and reduces the number of deliveries.

Pull printing

One of the biggest advantages of managed print services is the ability to use pull printing. Before this facility was available how often did prints lie unused on the top of the printer when the content had been printed erroneously or when duplicate prints had been ordered in error.

Now prints are released when the user inputs a code at the printer. You can immediacy see how this dramatically reduces the wastage of paper. Another method of reducing paper wastage is the fact that machines are automatically set to duplex to facilitate double sided printing as the norm. For the vast majority of day to day printing duplex is perfectly acceptable and obviously it halves the amount of paper used.

As a business, managed print services make the most sense from a financial and efficiency point of view. Couple this with the benefits to the environment and you can see why it makes sense for your business to invest in managed print services as soon as possible.

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