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Managed Backup: Is It Necessary?

As a business owner, you may have heard the words ‘managed backup’€ as a suggestion from your IT department or server administrator. You’€™ve most likely heard it from your fellow business owners as well, and maybe even from your own employees. Everyone seems to know just how important this managed backup truly is, but you may not be convinced. After all, the last thing you need is another expense on your books. Plus, isn’€™t a sever automatically backed up in the first place? Is managed backup really a priority?

The Problems with Servers

If you currently rest easy at night with faith in your company’€™s server, you may be putting far too much trust into a potentially flawed system. While it’s true that servers back themselves up every couple of seconds, this doesn’t erase the fact that a server is only a single source. The way to look at it is like this: If you have one place where information is stored, if that place is damaged or wiped out, then that information is gone. Period. So if the server at your company is compromised, your files will be too.

Although servers are powerful and constantly update themselves, at the end of the day the information stored on them is far more vulnerable to loss or damage than you may have thought. But there’€™s still a way you can rest easy knowing your company’€™s files are safe.

Managed Backup: A Simple Concept with Effective Results

The great thing about managed backup is its simplicity. The concept is to take the data contained on your server, which is a singular source, and copy that data onto a secondary source separate from your server. This data, often known as a dark archive, is maintained away from your company’€™s server. Should the unthinkable happen and your server becomes compromised, damaged or worse, then the data it contained won’t be lost. You can simply copy it back from the separate source.

If managed backup is starting to sound much more important to you as a business owner, then it’s perfectly understandable. The concept is so easy and yet so effective. Now you can truly rest easy at night knowing there’s more than one source for all your company’s important data and files. Not only do you have a strong server holding your company’€™s files, but also you have all your data fully backed up at a separate source.

This brings us to the management aspect. You €™don’t just want your important data being copied to another source in an unorganized manner. When you hire a managed backup specialist, you aren’€™t just paying for a storage space. You’re putting your archive in the hands of a specialist who will make sure it’s organized, clean, and ready to be copied back should there be an issue with your server. You can have the added piece of mind of knowing your information has made it safely to the archive and is being store clean.

Managed backup isn’€™t just a suggestion for your company. It’s a priority.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Sudipto

    May 2, 2014 at 11:51 am

    Hey Edwin,
    Nice post and yes, backup is very important factor and we have to make our data’s backup consistently and also have to managed it properly. Thanks for sharing this post.

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