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The Main Issues You Can Negotiate with Your Creditors


There comes a time when your spending is in the fast lane and before you know it, you have gone beyond your expenditure limits. Also, maybe your debt repayment plan went sideways due to severe financial times, making it difficult for you to settle the debt as previously agreed. In such situations, settling your debt through a negotiation with your creditor may be the best option.

Many creditors consider debt settlement when the financial situation of their debtor is highly questionable. As such, they will first have to confirm that you are unable to repay your loan before allowing you to negotiate any of the following debt reduction options.

Change the payment date

Sometimes you have so much going on that tracking all your dates can be a problem. And if this is a problem that makes you fall behind in the repayment of your loan, you can have a sit-down with your creditor and agree on a date to repay the loan. Maybe all it takes is a reorganization of your schedule to remember the critical repayment dates.

Reduce the debt

One of the main reasons why many people seek to negotiate with their creditors is to have their debt reduced. And as silly as it may sound, it is actually a possibility if your negotiations go well. Why would a creditor choose to allow a reduction in the debt? In the instance that you are not able to continue repaying your debt and have proof of this, the creditor may choose to reduce the outstanding debt.

What many people do is to approach the creditor with a lump sum lower than the owed amount and negotiate for the forgiveness of the rest. It is important to note that this arrangement may end up hurting your credit score, especially if you have fallen behind in the repayment of the loan.

Lower the interest rate

Another issue that you may present to your creditor is the lowering of the interest rate you are paying on the debt. This is another reason why many people seek business debt settlement. Perhaps you have learned of another creditor offering the same type of loan at a lower interest and would like to have your rates reduced as well. It is your right to request for such an adjustment. Many creditors will actually accept to reduce the rate if you have valid reasons for the request, including tough financial times.

Suspend payments for a while

When you are anticipating some money on a future date, you can request your creditor to suspend the repayments you are making right now. This will enable you to have your books in order and plan to make the payments on the defined future date. The importance of letting your creditor know instead of just bailing out on them is to ensure that they don’t report your lack of repayment to the credit bureaus.


It is recommended that you have a preferred issue to be addressed during your negotiation with the creditor. While most people prefer a reduced rate of interest, others would rather repay the loan in one repayment lump sum.

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