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Magnaghi Aeronautica (MA Group): Overcoming Challenges with Italian Excellence

As 2022 begins and the world enters the third year of the COVID-19 pandemic, industry analysts and aviation experts all seem to be occupied with one question: How will aviation change in the post-pandemic world?

Among the challenges faced as the Omicron variant surges, vaccination certification checkpoints and revamped airports are some of the trends that we can expect from the flight world in 2022. In this scenario, companies able to bring something different to the table may find fertile ground to succeed where the giants of the past have failed.

Such is the case of Magnaghi Aeronautica (MA Group), an Italian company that was awarded the recognition as Top Employer 2022 in Italy, specializing in the design, certification, production, and subsequent marketing of landing gear systems, equipment, hydraulic and electronic systems, and systems for aerospace use. By focusing on what makes the company different (its fundamentally Italian focus on excellence), Magnaghi Aeronautica has been able to maintain its position while also looking to the future.

“The pandemic obviously affected the aeronautics sector, but for the Group it was a chance to turn the crisis into an opportunity. Remote working was set up in record time, it had never been done before and at the same time, we implied very strict protocols to manage the entries to the company. In the commercial field, we have not lost market share, continuing to work to be ready when the pandemic would have been mitigated. Despite everything, in moments of crisis, we are able to give our best,” analyses Magnaghi Aeronautica’s President and CEO Paolo Graziano.

According to the CEO, Italian resourcefulness is the secret behind the Group’s success in this highly competitive market. It is thanks to the combination of resourcefulness, technical skills, and technological research that a midsize company like Magnaghi Aeronautica competes with enormously larger American or Chinese companies.

Often, the company’s international customers are surprised when they discover that Magnaghi Aeronautica is Italian, more specifically Neapolitan: “They do not understand how this is possible. Then when they get to know us and realize our potential and our value, they are amazed. From a certain point of view, it can be said that Magnaghi Aeronautica is in its sector like the great Neapolitan tailors are for the fashion sector. Those who come to us come to make their own ‘tailored suit’: we develop technologies, procedures, and strategies tailored to the specific needs of our customers, where large multinationals have a highly standardized production process,” comments CEO Paolo Graziano.

It’s this ability to adapt, find quick solutions, and respond quickly to customer requests that allow the company to remain competitive in today’s world. But Magnaghi Aeronautica is not content to leave things as they are: for the company, investing in the future of aviation is a core priority. With growing concerns over the sustainability of air travel in the coming years, Magnaghi Aeronautica is already positioned to be a company of the future.

“Environmental sustainability is no longer a choice, but a duty. Committing to safeguarding the planet means respecting future generations by giving them a healthy ecosystem. The MA Group Landing Green project was born starting from the awareness that sustainability today represents a real strategic asset for MA Group, as well as a fundamental element of development”, says Mr. Graziano.

Among the sustainability initiatives being implemented at the company is a focus on the research and development of innovative solutions that are as green as possible. One such technology that Magnaghi Aeronautica is looking to develop are trolleys for fully electric aircraft, a sustainable and technologically advanced alternative to current industry standard.

In order to achieve a truly sustainable future for aviation, as well as maintain its success in this competitive industry, Magnaghi Aeronautica believes first and foremost in the importance and quality of its human resources. After all, it is people who truly can make a difference.

“Human capital is essential for us: after all, technology without the competence of the technician to supervise it is useless. We not only have engineering technologies and processes that represent the state of the art in our sector, but also highly qualified technicians. One of our secrets is therefore a vertical conception of excellence: every single aspect of the production process, every single component has equal importance, in a constant search for uncompromising quality,” concludes CEO Paolo Graziano.

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