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MAGFAST Review: How MAGFAST Can Transform Charging by Eliminating Messy Wires  

While electronic devices are upgraded regularly, very few upgrades are ever made to the chargers of those devices. In fact, over the past 20 years, chargers for electronic devices have remained virtually unchanged. Most still depend on clunky power supply connectors and cables that clutter up our electric wall outlets and power strips while making a mess of tangled cables that is difficult to organize and nearly impossible to hide.

Finally, someone is addressing this problem with a solution that is revolutionizing the way we charge our electronic devices. MAGFAST, a new company founded by internet marketer Seymour Segnit, has recently entered the digital arena with a new charger design that is powered magnetically and is transforming charging as we know it.

MAGFAST produces an innovative line of versatile chargers that harness magnetic technology to provide truly wireless charging options, eliminating the need for messy cables and providing rapid charging power as we’ve never seen before.

The devices that we use to fuel our daily lives use so many different types of technologies to connect to power sources that the need for multifaceted charging solutions increases daily. MAGFAST chargers solve this problem by integrating a variety of power sources, technologies, and forms of connectivity, including USB-A and the newer USB-C, PD Power, and the latest Qi wireless technology. The MAGFAST product line provides seamless integration of all of these options while also providing faster-charging speed and the ability to power up various devices at once, all using elegant magnetic chargers that are designed to reduce mess and clutter by eliminating the need for clunky chargers and cables. These chargers are so sleek and elegant that they actually enhance your home or office décor.

MAGFAST chargers are also designed to replace chargers whose life spans are far shorter than that of the devices they’re designed to support. In this way, MAGFAST chargers eliminate the need to replace chargers constantly, which, in turn, reduces toxic electronic waste in landfills.

As an incentive to pre-order its chargers, MAGFAST also sponsors Trees for the Future, an environmental group that has agreed to plant a tree for every MAGFAST product sold and seven trees for the sale of each MAGFAST Pro Kit, which includes five versatile chargers to cover all of your charging needs. MAGFAST product sales have so far contributed to over 250,000 new trees through the company’s partnership with Trees for the Future.

Hundreds of consumers have posted reviews of MAGFAST products online, and many are impressed with how these revolutionary new chargers can transform their daily charging routines. Here are some recent MAGFAST charger reviews:

Tina Montgomery writes, “You have amazing products. I will be ordering more for myself and for Christmas gifts. Thank you for all you do. The landfills are my biggest concerns.”

Andrew Smith writes, “I believe wholeheartedly that MAGFAST devices/products are the way to present and future management of wireless power storage and execution.”

Hugh V. Eubanks writes, “I love the innovation and thought that has [gone] into your products! I have quite a few power banks I carry, all 20k+ mah. None of them has a built-in cable, and they were all in the $50–$70 price range. And they can’t jump-start my car! My portable jumper is huge and bulky.” He concludes by saying that the products look “fantastic.”

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