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Madden NFL 19: Out With the Old, In With the New

Sports-based titles are a staple of yearly game releases. They give fans of each sports something to look forward to—whether it’s the NBA, MBL, or NFL. In the case of Football, they always give fans a good game to accompany the upcoming season, and Madden NFL 19 promises to do that and so much more. The bad thing about such sports titles, however, is that they have a tendency to get repetitive. With the need for yearly releases, these games are hugely dependent on roster updates and the latest advancements in hardware. Other than that, developers need to be constantly on the edge to come up with unique features.

Action & Reaction: The Madden Gameplay

At the same time, game developers also don’t want to deviate too far away from the previous iteration. In Madden NFL 19, just as it is with the major titles that deal with other sports, there should be a gradual evolution of the game to give new and hardcore fans alike something to pique their interest, while retaining core elements so as not to alienate anyone. That being said, this game is indeed rife with advanced in-game features. From sideline action to post-touchdown celebrations, it’s as close as you can ever get to Sunday Night Football.

Visuals & Effects: The Madden Graphics

While you may be hard-pressed to pinpoint tweaks and upgrades on a year-to-year basis with Madden, the simple fact remains that they do add up. This will be readily apparent when you skip a few years during your backtracking and compare this year’s version with that of a couple of years ago. Graphics-wise, this game is as real as you can get. It’s got the look and overall aura of the real thing.

Decisions, Decisions: Cop it or Not?

Now the question that begs to be answered is: Is it worth your money? With an utterly winding story mode feature to keep players invested in more than the game’s action sequences, Madden 19 offers dynamic gameplay. Whether or not this is your cup of tea depends entirely on you. Still, it’s something that doesn’t have a middle ground—either it will make or break the game for you.

As the Madden series has always aimed to be a true-to-life representation of football action in all its glory, it’s safe to say that the folks over at EA have succeeded in their goal. Madden 19 is sports hyper-realism at its finest, and it’s almost certain to keep fans of the game happy—until next season’s release comes around, that is.

Until then, keep mashing those buttons to lob that pigskin. Happy gaming!

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