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Looking at the Bluetooth Beacon and its Uses

Over the years, the Bluetooth technology has grown immensely in popularity. Today, Bluetooth is available in a wide variety of different devices and is undoubtedly utilized by millions and millions of people each and every day. Whether you wish to listen to your favorite music with your headphones or want to stream audio from your cell phone to a speaker, Bluetooth will be used. Of course, the potential uses for Bluetooth have also continued to increase dramatically. As the technology has improved, developers have discovered new ways to use the technology to their advantage, while providing consumers with a better overall experience.

The Bluetooth beacon has gained a lot of interest over the past few months. Several companies have already developed their own and they’ve already found their way into thousands of homes throughout the country. Take the Dot for example. This Bluetooth beach works as a physical push notification. The product transforms the Bluetooth technology into a digital post-it note. Once you’ve entered the room, the product will provide you with a notification directly to your phone and remember of the day’s task. And, the Dot can be configured directly through a mobile application. This makes it possible to utilize the device for various applications.

It can be used with Spotify, Amazon, and to keep you up to date with the current weather conditions in your area. The device has a range of about 45 meters and a battery life of 6 months to one year. Australia’s Sydney station will become the testbed for the Bluetooth beacon. The TfNSW has launched new innovation challenge, which will look to see whether or not Bluetooth can enhance the transportation industry. The Transport for NSW, TfNSW, has already begun accepting submissions to try and find new uses for the beacon network, which has been built at the Chatswood Station. The company’s program, Future Transport Beacon Innovation Challenge, will attempt to push the Bluetooth technology further than ever before.

The beacon network is already in place and it is currently being utilized to help those with vision impairments. The internal Bluetooth speaker makes it possible for those with vision problems to navigate the station safely, while also providing them with insight into places of interest in and around the station. The Bluetooth beacons send direct notifications to the user’s phone, so they’ll be aware of all of these things. The organization’s representative Tony Braxton-Smith insists the possibilities are endless. He believes the technology could be used to give consumers insight into upcoming train services, access to directions, and even details about locations attractions. Those that are interested in submitting a proposal will be able to do so, until the 2nd of September.

After this date, the best submissions will be able to access and use the network from October the 10th to November the 13th. If any concept proves to be successful, it will be showcased to TfNSW leaders and could potentially become a pertinent staple of the station. So, the potential uses of the Bluetooth beacon are enormous and it is likely that these beacons will continue popping up in more and more locations.

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