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Loftek Floodlight: A Review

The LOFTEK® NOVA 50W LED RGB Floodlight with Timing Security is an outdoor, waterproof IP66 spotlight with multi-functional remote. It is perfect for many outdoor applications including the following.

  • Garden/Lawn illumination
  • Street/Parking areas
  • Backyards
  • Outdoor playgrounds
  • Building and construction sites
  • Parties or stages
  • Studio or garage lights for workshop applications

I installed them on the backside of my house to add an element of security when I am letting my dogs out to use the bathroom.

I live alone and sometimes there are nocturnal animals that wander into my yard at night. So it happened that one of my dogs a few months ago was bitten in the face by an Opossum, which prompted me to add the additional lighting for our protection. Thankfully, my dog was fine a few days later but we both got quite a scare, as you would imagine!

Another great feature of the Loftek 50W LED Floodlight, especially with the holidays coming up, is that it has sixteen color tones and four flash modes (flash, strobe, fade, and smooth) that are capable of illuminating a wide area. A friend of mine is planning to save herself a ton of time this year on holiday using these lights as part of her decorations instead of climbing the roof to mount Santa again.


TheLoftek 50W LED Floodlight is made of high-quality materials and intended for both indoor and outdoor use. If you can think of an application for this floodlight then you can probably use it for that unique purpose. I am amazed at how easy these are to install and run. Furthermore, and thankfully, it won’t add a lot of extra cost to your electric bill either. That is always a big concern for my family since we try to live on a strict budget most times.

In particular, one of the main ways it saves you money is the innovative use of four different timer settings that allow the lights to turn off automatically after three, six, nine, or twelve hours of use without having to purchase an external timing unit! Indeed, an advanced memory setting will keep your last setting stored in the memory so you don’t have to reset it each time you use the floodlight unless you actually want to change it to a different setting. You can do this by using a convenient remote control that will allow you to restore to factory settings if that is what you decide to do.

Smart lighting is definitely the future of home improvements and Loftek is a leader in this industry. Constructed with aluminum die cast alloy shell and tempered glass, this floodlight has been tested for vibration, impact, and extreme temperatures and rated at IP66 standard. This rating means that it is fully dust proof and can withstand a high powered jet stream of water from any angle. So, if you have a guy that power washes your house but gets a little crazy with that sprayer (like I do) then you have nothing to worry about!

Finally, have you also used the Loftek Floodlight system? If yes, let us know what you think. We would love to hear from you!

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