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LOFTEK 15W LED Work Light Review

This is one of the best outdoor work light in the market.

The LOFTEK LED Work light is an efficient floodlight that is portable yet powerful with the brightness of a 60-watt incandescent bulb. It is so easy to carry this cordless, rechargeable light that gives bright light up to the 20-meter distance. While providing super bright light to light up your way, it also serves as a power bank to charge your phone while you work or read or play.

Take a look at its features below.


  • Smaller, and less bulky than traditional LED lamps
  • USB port and cord to charge mobile devices like phones
  • 360 degrees adjustable handle and metal belt clip
  • Compact, dust-proof, water-proof
  • Power-saving mode for longer use
  • SOS Mode for emergency situations


  • Portable and yet powerful: can fit nicely into a backpack or tool bag.
  • Useful when camping outdoors
  • Metal casing doesn’t get excessively hot
  • Sturdy enough to remain in place at desired position
  • Can be placed or hung at a suitable angle for maximum usability


  • Doesn’t last longer than 4 hours. But with the power saving mode on, it can last up to 7 hours giving really bright light.

An improvement on the previous model, this recently upgraded version has all the trappings of the previous model but now more compact and brighter at 15-watt equalling 60-watt incandescent bulb. Pressing and holding the SOS button activates SOS Mode giving red/blue intermittently flashing lights. You could use those flashing lights to create a party light atmosphere if you like. No use waiting for those emergency situations which may (hopefully) just never come! The Power button switches between two light modes: bright and super bright. The LED indicator flashes red when power is low so you’ll know when to recharge the light.

The light may cover a particular space in a room or area, leaving out other portions of the room with little or no brightness. Keep that in mind when using the device. A workable solution would be to place the light farther enough to cover the particular area or set above by mounting on a wall or platform. The beams go as far as 20 meters.

The LOFTEK Work light comes in black colour and has dimensions 4.96 inches by 7.48 inches with a thickness of 1.85 inches. It has a rechargeable 6,600 mAh battery; a body casing of reinforced aluminium and iron; the transparent window is made of acrylic (Plexiglas) glass. This means it is less prone to shattering, unlike ordinary glass. The seal finishing around the glass edges keeps out moisture but offers no protection in case of water submersion. So, despite being made with an ultra-rugged, waterproof design, you should still keep it out of the water if you can.

Working outdoors already comes with its own challenges of picking the right equipment to assist in getting the job done. Having this one extra piece of equipment that multitasks is so convenient. Whether you are working outdoors, hunting, camping in the woods or preparing for emergency situations, the LOFTEK LED Work light could easily become your indispensable companion.

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