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How Live Casino Works

The new brave world of a live casino has been met with excitement and skepticism on an almost equal measure. Players of the games wonder if a live game will come with the promise of the same adrenaline rush they get in traditional brick and mortar games with fewer expenses on travel, and accommodation, while others are afraid of getting scammed, or hacked as these games go on in the virtual realm. It also hotly debated that the casino games like live roulette offer a higher percentage of payback than the brick and mortar games, while others argue that both games offer almost the same chance of compensation.

A quick answer to the skeptics is that the main difference between a live game and a game played in a brick and mortar venue is that you the player does it at the comfort of your home or whichever environment you wish to play it. The same rule applies, where a human dealer will deal you whatever game you choose to play. Only that cut-edge technology Is deployed so that the game goes on real-time without any lag between the actions of the dealer and what you see on your screen.

The main technology behind a live casino is what is known as the optical character recognition. Where the system recognizes the transactions of the dealer, translate them into data and pass them on to the player all in real-time. Added features include the player gets to hear the sound of the cards being flipped, the sound of the wheel being spun or that of the dice being rolled, delivering an exquisite ambiance almost as good as that which one gets in a real brick and mortar casino. Giving you all the adrenaline rush you seek in playing the game. Most live casino outlets use the software of other leading live casino houses like Playtech, Amaya Gaming, and Microgaming.

Though becoming wildly popular, live casino games come at an added expense to the houses where high-definition cameras, an information technology manager, pit boss, and croupiers are needed in addition to the dealers. This is why most live casinos houses offer a limited amount of games like roulette live, blackjack, hold ‘em, and baccarat being the most readily available choices.

And for those who fear being hacked or scammed using live gaming, this is greatly limited by the fact that the dealing is not an automated process but by a human being same as in traditional casinos. Other obvious advantages include not having to travel long distances to play. In countries where gambling or casinos are not allowed, you get to have it in the comfort and privacy of your home without any fear of being hassled by the authorities. Fewer expenses with hotels and the absolute portability mean that you can play it anywhere, even from the comfort of a beach while on holiday in the Caribbean. This is because most of these games are either software installed on the personal computer while others are merely browser-based interfaces. One thing for sure is that whenever you play, you can barely notice that you are not in an actual brick and mortar casino somewhere in Vegas!

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