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Leveraging animation videos for your business –Can they help you stay on an edge?

Irrespective of whether you’re hunting for new customers or informing the older ones about some new launch of some service or product, an animation video is always an excellent choice for all your online marketing needs. They are quick and prompt productions which are effective in converting leads into customers and helping your company establish a solid brand image. So do you think you should add such an animated video like the ones you see in Spiel Whiteboards into your digital marketing strategy? If answered yes, check out few worthy reasons to start off right now.

Compelling tool for boosting sales and marketing efforts

We all have read somewhere or the other that explainer videos are extremely compelling marketing tools for numerous reasons. One of the main reasons is that the prospects are allowed to view them 24X7 and hence it continues to create the intended impact round the clock. Don’t you think that this beats any other conventional form of marketing? It is definitely a hands-off method which is sufficient for paying for itself.

There is more likelihood for the prospects to watch such animated videos than go through long and boring posts explaining your services and products. Here are few trends to watch out.

  • 9% of marketing experts throughout the world consider video as a kind of content which can generate the highest ROI
  • 78% of marketers currently plan to raise the utilization limits of video marketing and YouTube.

People love to watch videos, especially when they’re animated

With regards to online activities, watching a video is right at the top of the bucket for both professionals and consumers. This is an advantage for the business as through an explainer video or a normal animated video, you can reach out to both the prospects and the customers at a deeper level. The only thing is that the video should strike some emotional strings of the viewers.

  • Visitors tend to spend 100% more time on those web pages which include videos
  • 60% of the senior executives love to watch videos over text content
  • 92% of the consumers watch videos online
  • Online videos are responsible for 54% of mobile traffic

Better rates of conversion

Studies show that videos can improve your SEO for specific keywords which are primarily your business targets. YouTube has been listed as the second largest search engine in the world and this is why so many videos appear high up in SERPs.

  • 78% of the online marketers are using tagged keywords in the proper way on YouTube, offering a number of entries when people usually search for content
  • When you have a video as compared to text, this triples the number of linking domains

Explainer animated videos are there everywhere on the internet as a majority of the business owners discover the power of video marketing. Now that we are engrossed into the era of digital marketing, what we need to consider is whether or not this trend is going to stay. Well yes, as per the data and statistics, it is definitely going to stay for a while.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Adams

    August 14, 2018 at 5:44 am

    Explainer videos help businesses to increase their conversion rates, website traffic, and sales. Considering its benefits, every business wants to create a product demo video.

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