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Leef iACCESS iOS MicroSD Reader Review

Have you ever been faced with a situation whereby you have/save a picture on your desktop computer that you wish you could transfer to your iPhone and vice versa? This situation was a common problem for most of us in the office until we came into contact with a robust solution described in this article.

Leef iACCESS iOS MicroSD Reader is a simple yet powerful solution that allows expandable storage and provide easy access to photos, videos and music files in seconds.

A new way of connecting action cams and Apple devices, it can be plugged into the lightning port of the most recent iPhones, iPads or iPods touch.

Available in white, this device can also be used to transfer large amount of data (media and content) between your computer and iOS device without needing to sync it entirely.


Build and Design:

The latest device to join the Leef mobile accessory family, iACCESS has a lightning connector on one end and a microSD card reader at the other, enabling effortless transfer, editing and sharing of files.

Boasting a combination of stylish design and high powered technology, the product is also water-proof, dust-proof and shock-proof.


With a lightning port on one end and a MicroSD memory card slot in the middle, this accessory forms a J shape. The design of the card reader can allow the adapter to plug into the device even if the device is in a case.

In addition, the device is portable and lightweight (6g or 0.21 oz) so that you can easily keep it in your pocket or gear bag. It is compatible with cards from 8 GB up to 128GB in size.



The MicroSD reader prompts users to the App Store to install the Leef MobileMemory app the first time the device/reader is plugged into the IOS device. The MobileMemory app is easy to install – it can be done in just a few taps.

The first pop-up screen from launch gives you the option to select the device camera app for video recording, view content stored on the card, modify various settings and transfer files to and from the device and MicroSD card.

Image Backup:


Other features of the Leef MobileMemory app enable users to backup the content on the IOS device to the iACCESS MicroSD card reader. This feature worked quite well when we tested it.

The Leef app can also copy all the photos and images from an iPhone or iPad to the card reader automatically or alternatively users can do it later manually.

It is then up to the user to manually delete the original copy from the IOS device – even if automatic backup is used. Furthermore, with the iACCESS camera feature, videos and images can be recorded directly to a memory card.

Although this feature does not offer as many options as the IOS camera software program, it still provides a quick solution for those whose phone or tablet memory is full for any reason.

Music and Movies:


The robust iACCESS reader can store much more than just photos/images. Indeed, Apple users can stock up to 128 GB of videos and songs without using valuable internal storage and enjoy playing them later.

The music player can display the thumbnails of artists and also support the Shuffle but not Playlist feature. In addition, a wide variety of video formats can be played in landscape, full screen and portrait mode.

All these handy and smart features make the iACCESS a convenient way to store TV shows, songs, or movies for a long holiday or trip.

Business Uses:

The iACCESS is not only limited to personal, informal use; the device is not only designed to be used for entertainment purposes, it can also be beneficial to business individuals.

Indeed, Leef’s iACCESS iOS MicroSD reader can also store business data and display stored content in .doc, .pdf, .docx, xls, .xlsx, pptx, .key, .ppt, numbers, .txt, .rtf, .ics, .pages, .htm, .html, .epub, and .fb2, in addition to all the multimedia formats supported.


iACCESS brings a convenient and easy way to incorporate additional storage to your Apple iOS device, providing them with the ability to enjoy effortless transfer, editing and sharing of files.

Trust me, I’ve been there before and there is probably not a more robust solution in the market at the time of writing this post. If you do find one, I challenge you to let us know in the comments section below.

Ideal for gadget lovers including, amateur photographers and videographers, action-cam users, budding YouTubers, and holiday adventurers, the iACCESS is priced at £49.99.

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