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Laptop Owner? Here’s Why You Need A Laptop Radiation Shield

If you believe that the only negative effect that you can get from using your laptop is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, or maybe  bad posture and sore eyes, then you are seriously mistaken. Everyday, your laptop is bombarding you with electromagnetic radiation that can adversely affect your well-being and health. To protect yourself, you may need to get yourself a laptop radiation shield. If you are not familiar with what a laptop radiation shield is, then continue reading to find out why you need one.

radiation defender pad

What types of radiation are you are shielding yourself against with a laptop radiation shield? The answer, EMF, or electromagnetic field radiation is the invisible electrical/magnetic emissions generated by any device that runs on electricity and communicates with other devices. These emissions can run throughout your body, potentially causing certain ailments like nausea, migraine, and sometimes even chronic illnesses. Health dangers from electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are reduced as the distance between you and the laptop increases.  Laptops are basically emitting radiations at their greatest strength directly on your reproductive organs when placed on the lap, not to mention a lot of heat. This can, in fact, cause some pretty serious issues. Infertility is a certain possibility: this added heat has been shown to kill sperms and leave men infertile. Women are not safe, either. There is growing scientific evidence that this radiation has been linked to cancers, birth defects, damage to reproductive organs, stress, miscarriages, and heart problem. So, does that mean you through away your laptops? Certainly not. Simply use a laptop radiation shield.

A laptop radiation shield is durable pad that covers the base of your laptop. It serves as a barrier that virtually stops all of the laptop radiation from passing through and getting in contact with your body. By greatly minimizing the magnitude of radiation that you are subjected to every day, the electromagnetic field dangers will be reduced. A laptop radiation shield not only protects you from laptop radiation, but also from laptop heat. If you’re a laptop owner for quite some time now, then you will certainly be familiar with the ‘toasted thigh’ effect. Laptops  emit a lot of heat. And this is harmful not just for your genitals, but also can cause skin irritation and rashes. A laptop shield helps to keep your body cool and does not let the laptop heat get to you.

The best place where you can find a laptop radiation shield is on the internet, at the manufacturers’ websites. One thing  you need to be cautious about when shopping for radiation shields or any other EMF protection device is that there are many fakes out there. Before you go out and purchase one, do your research to insure the effectiveness of the shielding has been independently tested and certified.

There are many health hazards and sometimes even chronic illnesses that can result from spending too much time with your laptop, without the proper shielding. To prevent these negative effects from occurring to you and your family, you should certainly start searching for an effective laptop radiation shield, today!.

DefenderPad is a portable radiation and heat shield that blocks harmful EMF radiation emitted from laptops, computers, cell phones, tablets and other modern electronic devices which use wireless or Bluetooth connections. To know more about laptop radiation shield, you may visit Coconut Mama.

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