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Know the Cost & Features of Developing SPA

Single page applications (SPA), a provision of the fast-paced evolution of technology, have gained significant traction in the market lately. It is not surprising though, especially considering the world of benefits they stand to offer to businesses in today’s cut-throat market. However, one must be cautious, for single-page apps may not necessarily be suited for your goals, i.e. you must carefully consider the reasons to use SPAs as well as their use case in the individual context of your business. Companies looking to ensure a high-quality app interaction experience for the user or to offer real-time updates would do well to make use of SPA.

They have become the fundamental part of the modern JavaScript model. And, these applications are no less than a wonder for the users while offering an amazing user experience, faster speed, and no page refresh. SPAs are an integral component of the daily life of the people. Some of the most popular SPA’s include Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Google Maps, and Google Drive – they are used by millions of users every day with great ease and even popularized single-page app development.

Now that you understand the when and why let us also take an in-depth look at some of the key benefits of single-page applications:

No Server-side roundtrips

SPAs can redraw a certain facet of the client-side user interface without necessitating a complete server-side round trip to retrieve an HTML page. SPAs can do this thanks to the Separation of Concerns design principle which allows data to be segregated from the complete data presentation using a model layer that handles the first one while another layer takes care of reading from the latter.

Better Routing

A robust single-page app is capable of keeping an eye on both the user’s current state as well as their location across the entirety of their experience of engaging with the app. This is enabled through JavaScript-based routers and is enabled either via the use of HTML5 History API or the Hashtag method.

Agility and High performance

A good single-page app moves the entirety of the UI to the client, thanks to the JavaScript SDK for Angular, jQuery, etc. This translates into not only top-notch performance because the growth in offline processing and client rendering cuts down the impact the UI tends to have on the network. Oh, and did we mention it is also supremely agile because programmers can pretty much rewrite the complete front-end without having much of an effect on the server side?

Finally, let us also talk about the costs associated with the development of single-page applications. We will get straight to the point, then: the simple fact is that the development cost will depend on your project’s scope. So, if you are looking to build a big parallax page that includes plenty of images that must be necessarily loaded to drive up the page’s speeds? You can expect to pay a bit more for that than you would spend on the development of a single-page app comprising only a landing page with a tiny contact area. Usually, the professionals charge anywhere between $30 to $100 per hour for single-page app development. Anyway, the point is that the apps have much to offer, no matter the intricacies and details involved. Provided you take a well-thought-out development strategy, your single-page app is bound to be a success. Now, all you need to do is find a trusted SPA development service provider and get started on building an app for your company right away.

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A professional and security-oriented programmer having more than 6 years of experience in designing, implementing, testing and supporting mobile apps developed. Being techno geek, I love to read & share about the latest updates in technology including but not limited to IoTs, AI, application development, etc. In my free time, I like to play football, watch movies and explore new places. I have been learning mobile app development since 2012. With having a good understanding of programming languages, I develop native as well as web apps for both iOS & Android using latest tools & technologies. I am also having experience in both front-end & back-end development.

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