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Know Some Incredible Facts about the Discovery and Uses of Delta 8 Products

The internet is flooded with Delta-8 THC due to its popularity among cannabis enthusiasts. There is a wide range of products infused with Delta 8 THC present in the market, such as gummies, tinctures, softgels, etc. You can also find a majority of products infused with Delta 8 online. Where did all this start? In this article, we will reveal some incredible facts regarding the discovery and uses of these Delta 8 THC infused products.

The Origin of Delta 8 THC

Now the question that arises is, where does Delta 8 THC come from? Is it naturally made or artificially synthesized? Simply put, delta 9 THC is transformed into delta 8 THC in a laboratory. Although, this cannabinoid is also found naturally in some cannabis plants or, more specifically, hemp. Unfortunately, only small amounts of delta 8 THC can be derived naturally. Therefore, it has to be produced mostly in the lab.

One major problem with synthesizing delta 8 THC in a lab is that the analysis process is not always accurate. One must have the appropriate equipment and a proper procedure in place to obtain Delta-8 from Delta-9. This is not possible in most cases as this cannabinoid is somewhat new to the business.

What Does Delta 8 THC do?

Cannabinoids like Delta 8 are complicated chemicals. To understand how they work, you must first know a few things about the endocannabinoid system. So basically, the endocannabinoid system or ECS is the term used for cell-signaling receptors aiding the regulation of metabolic processes throughout your body.

Whether it be a vertebrate or a non-vertebrate, all ecosystem organisms have been found to have endocannabinoids. First of all, let’s talk about the two primary types of cannabinoid receptors, which are more commonly referred to as CB1 and CB2 receptors. CB1 receptors are associated with the nervous system. For example, you might find them in the brain cells. CB2 receptors, however, cover a much wider scope. They are found in abundance throughout the body as well as the immune system.

When cannabinoids bind to these receptors, they break down to produce reactions. The effects of Delta 8 are as follows,

  • Elevated emotions and uplifted feelings
  • Much better rest as well as increased relaxation
  • Improved focus and clarity
  • Relief from stress, pain, and anxiety

These are just a few side effects of Delta 8 THC. Research regarding cannabinoids is still ongoing and unresolved. Who knows what else is out there about Delta 8 THC, waiting to be uncovered?

Consumption Methods of Delta 8 THC

The psychoactive compound can be consumed in a variety of ways. Consumers can choose the method that suits them the most.

  • The most comfortable and convenient Delta 8 edibles include gummies. The only precaution is to take the suggested amount, as an overdose is likely when gummy Delta 8 THC edibles are involved. Their candy-like appearance and taste make it easy to consume them. However, THC-infused gummies take about 1 to one and a half hours to kick in.
  • Another popular form of Delta-8 THC is inhalation through a vaping device. Vaping produces the most immediate results as the compound reaches your bloodstream directly through the lungs. However, due to controversial issues with vaping, it might not prove to be fit for everyone.
  • Another common form of Delta 8 THC consumption is through oil tinctures. The consumption is very easy as the THC-infused oil has to be squeezed through a dropper under your tongue. It has to be held there for a minimum of about 60 to 90 seconds before it can be swallowed.

Whatever method is taken up by the consumer, it is advisable to start with lower quantities and increase them at a considerably slower pace. This caution takes care of the risk of an overdose. The suggested minimum starting quantity of Delta-8 THC is 10 mg for adults. This quantity can be increased after witnessing the body’s response to the drug. If your system can handle it well, you could slowly increase the amount.

The legality of Delta 8 THC

Although federally Delta 8 THC has been declared legal, many states have banned the use of Delta 8 THC from June 2021. These states include Arizona, Alaska, Colorado, Mississippi, New York, Washington, etc. Many others are still considering legalizing Delta 8 THC infused products.

Therefore, it is vital to check local laws before any online or in-store purchases of Delta 8 THC products are made.

How are Delta 8 THC products Manufactured?

Delta 8 THC products are manufactured by isolating and extracting cannabinoids from hemp. This supercritical CO2 process is uniquely challenging as Delta 8 THC occurs very rarely naturally. The hemp plant has only about 0.1% Delta 8.

This rare natural occurrence gives rise to the synthetic production of Delta 8 THC from CBD. The fact that Delta 8 is an isomer of CBD makes it easy to extract it, which means that it shares similar atoms in separate arrangements.

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