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Kenworth T470: A Dependable Name for Versatile Jobs

Another superior truck manufactured by Kenworth is the T470. Like other Kenworth models, the T470 is designed to offer dependability and heavy-duty performance. This truck can outperform many other medium-duty trucks. It’s classy and affordable as well. You can get a really good deal when you find any Kenworth T470 trucks for sale.


The new Kenworth T470 is powered by a Cummins ISL engine, with a typical Kenworth design. There are also the tried and tested Paccar engine options available. Both of these engines are robust and provide ample power without much effort.


The long nose, wide wheel arches, and the nice interior reveal the build quality that’s typical of Kenworth trucks. The stamped stainless steel grille is made to provide enhanced strength to the rig. The hood swings clear of any front mounted equipment.  And it has additional air intakes mounted on both sides of the bonnet. This helps to provide a constant supply of fresh air to the engine. Also included is a best in class front lighting system from high-end halogen headlights. This lighting system uses advanced lighting clusters that contribute to the road illumination level being increased by up to 30%.

When you get a chance to see any Kenworth T470 trucks for sale, you will find that they’re very spacious. A stylish dashboard with generous legroom and headroom make the interior appealing. There are two dashboard designs offered, one is conventional, and the other is slightly tilted toward the driver. Regardless of your choice, the controls are within reach, and the driver can use the panel with ease.


The Kenworth T470’s are loaded with versatile options. Rail extensions offer maximum resistance to bending. They have a stable platform, along with hydraulic pumps. The front axles are rated for 12000 to 22000 lbs. The maximum weight range for the tandem rear axles is 21000 to 31000 lbs. And the set back front axle provides improved agility and aerodynamics.

The aluminum body is corrosion resistant and has a longer life compared to the usual steel. The cabin is quite comfortable, and the build quality is highly durable. It also has a generous payload capacity. The gross weight rating is between 33000 to 68000 lbs. The chassis is designed to offer versatility, enabling it to perform a wide range of tasks. You can find new Kenworth T470 trucks for sale at any Kenworth authorized dealer, and for the range of municipal and vocational applications, this truck is an excellent choice.  Kenworth continues to offer well-designed vehicles that suit the needs & demands of today’s modern fleet enterprises.

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