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IVR Call Center Solutions: Voice Without A Face

The world of communication, especially business communication, has seen a transformational overhaul in the recent years. The days of private interaction are over, as companies now prefer to use customized messages and responses to address client queries. This helps smoothen and shorten the entire communication cycle, and prospects that are unlikely to yield any favorable response are negated at an early stage.

With the onset of call centers, the cost of communication has been reduced even further, as third party service providers can now be hired to do the job at a much lesser cost. Call centers handle a large number of clients, and therefore, it becomes essential for businesses to have a specialized response service in order to maintain consistency and quality in their responses. Thus the need of Interactive Voice Response applications, popularly known as IVR, comes into the landscape.

What is IVR?

Interactive Voice Response are specialized applications that help to smoothen a business’s communication process by addressing queries of clients through voice or virtual (touch tone) commands via the telephone and processing them to generate appropriate and automated responses via the phone, fax, e-mails, text messages, etc.

Essentially, it can be compared to a virtual concierge or receptionist, handling the front desk of your business.

Why Employ an IVR Solution?

  • Quick communication: Having an IVR system ensures that client communication is quick and there no unnecessary delays or misinformation. It significantly reduces the scope of human error, apart from saving a lot of time.

  • Consistency: IVR setup has a specific communication framework designed as per the requirements of the company and it does not deviate from that at all. This ensures uniform information distribution between different clients.

  • Reduces workload: IVR decreases the amount of work for your telecommunication staff, so that your best resources are exclusively used for significant communications, and not for communicating repetitive messages.

  • Complete attendance: IVR applications can be programmed to attend to calls 24 hours a day, thus ensuring that you do not miss out on any important client query.

The Benefits of IVR Call Center Solutions

Call center makes extensive use of IVR applications as they have multiple clients and it becomes difficult to handle all the communication requirements. Some of the benefits offered by IVR applications to call centers are:

  • Auto attendants: It is one of the most extensively used IVR feature. Mostly connected to the main office, voice-driven auto-attendant enables the callers to directly connect with the desired person or department just by mentioning the specifics, such as the name of the person, the department of work, extension, etc. The auto-attendant also stores numbers for the convenience of the clients.

  • Repetitive and standard procedure handling: Call centers that provide consumer service and feedback procurement make use of IVR applications to carry out telephone surveys regarding the product. They are also used to gather feedback after orders and client responses after installation and maintenance services have been carried out.

  • Bill payments: Call centers that deal in bill payments, reminders for bill payments, discounts, rebates or product launches of companies, make use of IVR to generate these time-driven responses.

Prerequisites for Robust IVR Implementation

There are certain pivotal factors that decide the outcome of IVR implementation. The list includes:

  • Call flow design: It refers to the broad framework that would make up the response. It needs to be concise, while keeping in mind the objectives that need to be achieved.
  • Scripting and dialogue: Language plays an important role in influencing the potential clients. An official approach, without sounding monotonous or repetitive, needs to be adopted.
  • Voice selection: An engaging and clear voice with a proper diction should be used. Tonality and stress on important words is also important.
  • Menu choices and selection: The menu should be kept as short as possible and it should be easy to follow. Assigning multiple options to same numbers or not mentioning the corresponding services can create a lot of confusion.

Hope this read abolishes some of your questions and concerns regarding IVR call center solutions. To learn more, it is advisable to contact a credible IVR solutions provider. Thanks to the web, it is no longer difficult to compare prices and find out a suitable solution as per your business requirements.

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