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It’s All a Numbers Game

Bingo is one of those games that has been considered one that is predominately played by older women in a bingo hall with friends and family carried out in silence except for the regular breaks in-between games.

Today, that thought could not be further from the truth as online bingo is now enjoyed by a high percentage of men with a staggering 35% being men on some online bingo sites. This rise in male players totally dismisses the concept that bingo is only for older women as the ages of online bingo players vary enormously.

As more and more people turn to the online version of the age-old game, we are seeing increasing numbers of online bingo sites with some great bingo bonuses for new players hitting our pages every day.

Since the rise of the internet, bingo has been brought into our homes, and as Wi-Fi became more reliable so the mobile version also gained in popularity until today when a game can be played just about anywhere as long as the connection is sound.

Being able to play a game whenever and wherever a player chooses is one of the reasons that online bingo has become so popular as it is a game that can be picked up for a few minutes in a lunch hour or settled down with for a full session, this flexibility of the game is therefore very appealing to many people.

Another reason for the online version of the games is the social aspect of bingo. Many people log onto their bingo site to catch up with family and friends and enjoy a few laughs at the same time. Online bingo offers this service as just like the bricks and mortar bingo halls the online game values the social side of bingo highly providing players with games hosts, special bonus games as well as special games happening throughout each day.

Online bingo is also able to offer bigger and better prizes as well as slots and other side games that can be played alongside the regular bingo on offer which means that players have a great choice to choose from, all in one place, and all at the touch of a fingertip.

Revolutionised into a game for all people regardless of sex, age or circumstances it’s not really so surprising that online bingo is enjoyed by so many and as the tech-savvy younger players take mobile bingo by storm and almost as many men enjoying a game as women the once drab image of the bingo hall has finally been eradicated and replaced with a classy, fresh quick fire experience for everyone taking part.

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