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iStorage datAshur SD Review  

Over the years, there has been the need to store data securely. Especially if the information is sensitive and mustn’t be accessed without authorization. There have been several devices manufactured to do that, but not like the iStorage datAshur encrypted flash drive. It was begotten by our need to have a flash that is much more secure. It is designed to hold data at high-level encryption

However, it doesn’t sell at the same price as your regular card reader, but is it worth it?

This post contains an iStorage datAshur SD review to answer your questions. The datAshur SD is the world’s first and only encrypted USB flash drive with removable iStorage microSD Cards. The data and the encryption are stored separately from each other as the data is stored on the microSD Card and the encryption is on the datAshur SD flash drive.

Read on to find out more!

What’s in the Box?

The iStorage datAshur SD comes with iStorage micro SD cards, which are inserted into the datAshur SD card lot. It also comes with USB-A to USB-C adapter for connecting with different USB ports.

The Design 

datAshur SD is an elegant card reader you no doubt will want to add to your collection. Despite having keypads, it is very portable. It easily slips into the pocket or hangs from the belt’s loop.  It stores data in a secure and encrypted micro SD card. The micro SD card is built to be removable. You can swap it for another one when it is full. However, it is only compatible with iStorage SD cards.

The keypad on the card reader is easy to press one-handed.  It has an in-built USB-C connector for connecting with the PC.

iStorage claims that datAshur cannot be damaged by weight below 2.7 tons or when dropped from 12 feet height. It is also built to resist water for up to 30 minutes.

The Ease of Use

The first thing required of you when using iStorage datAshur is to create an admin code. This is to ensure that only you are authorized to the reader’s data. Creating the code is simple. You can do that by connecting it to your PC and following the prompted steps. The code is no more than seven digits. It should be something easy for you to remember.

You need this code for the subsequent time when you connect the card reader to your PC. Just insert the iStorage micro SD card into your datAshur SD micro SD card slot and enter your pin to unlock it. Then you can insert it into your PC as you would a regular flash drive. 

The Performance

iSorage datAshur SD has a read speed of about 100 MB/s and a write speed of 95 MB/s. The speed performance may reduce depending on the PC it is connected to. However, there is no reason to panic. datAshur SD is known for its encryption, not performance speed.

The Security and Encryption

iStorage datAshur SD offers military-grade encryption. When it is locked, the card is full-disk encrypted using AES-XTS 256-BITS hardware encryption. It is not susceptible to physical force attacks or key loggers, rather it needs a code to authenticate it. If the user code is inputted incorrectly, that pin is erased and the device can only be accessed with the admin code. However, this is the tricky part is that if the admin code is input wrongly more than ten times, it will be impossible to access the SD again. Although it can be reset, the files on it will be lost. In other words, the SD is as good as new.

Both the crypto chip and microprocessor uses digitally signed flash lock procedures. In other words, the SD is immune to bad USB 

The Spec

  • The hardware is pin authorized. It is unlocked using the alphanumeric keypad onboard.
  • It uses type C USB 3.2
  • Data is transferred at 100 MB/s
  • The storage is from 32GB up to 1TB
  • Data is encrypted with FIPS PUB197, AES-XTS/ECB/CBC 256- bits modes
  • It is compatible with windows, Mac, Linux operating systems.
  • The power supply is from battery power (3.7v Lithium-ion battery) or USB bus power.

The Pros

  • Data is well protected. Only those with authorization (user code) can access the data apart from you. The datAshur SD locks automatically when ejected from the PC or when the USB port is off.
  • iStorage datAshur is portable and lightweight. Easily fits into pockets and belt loops
  • It is IP68 certified. That is, it is dust and water-resistant. It is covered in epoxy which makes it less susceptible to damage. It doesn’t get destroy when thrown from a height of above 12 feet. The rubber gasket around it makes it waterproof.

The Cons 

  • There is a gap between the USB-C plug and the port.
  • The extra USB adapter does not always fit the port well and maybe loose
  • It is only compatible with iStorage SD cards only

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