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Is Your Data Really Safe? Watch Out For These Potential Security Threats

Hacking and cybercrime have evolved to an open, massive market of urbane malware from a single-person crime in last couple of years!


Despite that, we are living in a technology-driven and highly advanced 21st century. A notable portion of our priceless corporate and customer data is still accessible to hackers through a number of ways. You can imagine how tough it can be to keep critical information from getting into the wrong hands.

The following are some major data security threats to be wary of:

Ever-Increasing Hacking Activities

Although hacking has been around for quite a long time now, today’s hackers are too clever to be caught easily. They are openly proclaiming their future targets and talking about the tools they are going to use. They may not only hack your systems to access data and information, but also go as far as using the media to generate an extremely negative impression about you!

The best example is the eBay account hack where it took nearly three months for eBay to discover the hack and report it to their customers. More than 145 million users’ data was stolen in this case!

Botnets as a Service

Gone are the days when botnets used to be limited to their creators only. Today’s botnet owners have begun to rent them cyber criminals. Each version of these malware programs can abuse countless computer systems and create a supreme botnet. Every bot in a botnet is capable of connecting back to its command and control servers and receive further instructions.

Intellectual Property Thefts

Now you may have to compete with huge groups of nasty hackers who are interested in stealing your business’s intellectual property. The technique, however, is the same; they will break into your enterprises’ IT assets, destroy all passwords and whip away plenty of critical information that exists in the form of new product strategies, patents, business plans, and financial information!

Cyber Warfare  

One of the most rapidly growing and treacherous data security threats today, cyber warfare programs are highly complicated and capable of damaging the functionality of your entire IT setup. Your business may never recover from a highly impactful attack.

All-In-One Malware

The newest form of sophisticated malware comes with all-in-one functionality. That means they can not only affect the end user, but will also make it to their business websites and make changes that can help influence more people. They also carry management consoles along with them to track the damage made.

Such malware has enough power to annihilate a user’s defense system by fooling all its major components. One of the ways they use to reach more users is trusted websites they’ve visited so many times before.

Written By

Ng Wei Khang, CEO at a Singapore based IT consultancy company, APIXEL IT Services, has been operational for over 8 years from now. Apixel provides fixed price IT Support Services with unlimited packages that includes small business server setup, Cloud Solution Configuration, Network management and Data security & Theft prevention. The company also provides expert IT consultancy to SMEs in Singapore.

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