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Is the Skyscraper Technique an SEO Magical Pill?

SEO is a zero-sum game where once your site ranks best in a search engine result page, your competitors take the hit and maybe experience a drop in their rankings. Given that more than three million blog posts are produced daily, according to, it can be quite easy to switch places with your competitors. What’s even worse is that the competition keeps on growing while the number of interesting and share-worthy content keeps on shrinking as more people blog about it.

As scary as it might be to swallow these facts, you have no other option but to fight your way up in the search engine ranks or else watch your business crumble. As a business looking to dominate your niche, you cannot afford to leave anything to chance when it comes to your website’s rankings. One technique that can help you outshine the competition is the skyscraper SEO technique.

Here are a few details on how to use this technique to your advantage:

What is the Skyscraper Technique?

For a successful SEO venture, both off-page and on-page SEO have to work in harmony to promote your site, according to Searchical SEO. The skyscraper technique simply aims to combine both aspects of SEO to make them work for you. At its core, it is a content creation framework through which businesses can create content that will outshine other related and trending content online.

In simpler terms, your competitor’s high ranking content is the current ‘skyscraper’ for a specific keyword, and your aim is to create better content that will be a higher ‘skyscraper’. This venture results in a chain reaction where multiple parts of your SEO are improved. The perks include increased shared content, providing readers with quality content, increased authority, and a better site exposure.

It Starts with Identifying Share-Worthy Content

In every niche, there is always a topic that is creating buzz, and yet it isn’t oversaturated with blog posts. Depending on your niche, make a list of blog posts that have gone viral. You can achieve this by following valued influencers in your line of business or even using the top SEO tools for content analysis.

Why should this matter at all? This is because trending content has the ability to catch the eyes of many interested parties in the blogosphere. As long as you can outshine the competition, your brand will make headlines, not to mention your rankings will improve.

Revamp the Content

Just like art, a piece of writing is never finished, only abandoned. As much as your competitor’s content went viral, the chances are that there is still more you can do to it to make it even more exceptional. Think in the line of making it more detailed, addressing the issue from a different angle or even making it more appealing.

For instance, you can add quality images or infographics to your related content on the same topic while making it more detailed. Since stats and research will always carry the day and give authority to your content, consider including some in your content. The more share-worthy your content is in relation to that of your competition, the more results you can reap from the Skyscraper Technique.

Pitch Influencers

Next, make a list of influencers that would be willing to use the content on their blogs or even share it on social media. Influencers who have some personal interest in your post are the best to work with. Once you have a viable list, commit to getting their contact details. Be careful not to go against the GDPR guidelines to avoid any legal issues later, as noted on the Entrepreneur. Additionally, be sure to use the right tone to attract the best influencers.


The Skyscraper technique is by no means a magical pill to your SEO goals. It can, however, suffice when looking to boost your search engine rankings. The perks it has in store for your business should further entice you to consider using it.

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