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Is the New Crunchbase Pro Worth It for Your Business?

When you want to know more about a company, where is the first place you look? If you said the company’s website, you’re right—but that will get you just the basics. If you want to get to the heart of a company, you need to look at Crunchbase.

About Crunchbase

Crunchbase describes itself as a “destination” that provides information on industry trends and investments for thousands of public and private companies throughout the world. It includes data on investors, venture capital firms, Fortune 500 companies and startups.

The type of data on each company ranges from products and news to funds, acquisitions, investments and investors. With this extensive database, potential investors or businesses have access to all the information they need to make informed decisions on whether to invest or partner with another company.

The Crunchbase blog stays on top of the latest trends, business news and Crunchbase updates, while a daily newsletter called Crunchbase Daily provides a snapshot of daily news, recent activity, featured searches, upcoming tech events and recent acquisitions and investments. Finally, Crunchbase offers resources for developers so they can incorporate industry trends and company data into their apps.

Features of Crunchbase Pro

The basic Crunchbase account offers general search capabilities and access to profiles, but if you’re serious about analyzing available data to make strategic, informed business decisions, the basic account falls a little short. But for $29 a month, a new world of data becomes available. Whether you subscribe to Pro for your own personal profile or for an entire company, these advanced features are useful for everyone:

  • Dynamic searches: Instead of searching just text (“gaming investors”), users get a more advanced search engine with Crunchbase Pro, including up to 25 search filters. So if you’re looking for a company in a specific geographical location or with a set number of investments, Crunchbase Pro makes it easier to narrow your search for people, companies, industries or investors.  
  • Custom lists: Whether you want to keep an eye on a competitor or track the performance of a company in which you may want to invest, Crunchbase Pro makes it easy to compile lists for all these entities and more. The basic account does not allow such an option, forcing you to bookmark or create lists using third-party software. Additionally, Crunchbase Pro offers email alerts about companies or categories so you can stay on top of changes in real time.
  • Better analysis: In business, data analysis is key to making strategic decisions that impact the performance of a company. With Crunchbase Pro’s new analysis tools, users are able to get an analysis of market trends as they happen. Crunchbase Pro also offers information on rank, statistics and trending scores so you can save time and focus on only the information that pertains to you.
  • Exportable results: No need to transfer information manually—Crunchbase Pro allows users to export their search results to CSV files, making it easy to conduct your own analysis.

Benefits to Your Business

No matter your situation (investor, startup, or CEO of a Fortune 500 company), Crunchbase Pro can add value to your business strategy.

Are you in a competitive industry? You can Utilize Crunchbase Pro to stay ahead.

Easily keep an eye on your competitors and see how they rank: Was there an increase or decrease in activity? What type of investments are they making—or who is investing in them? With the additional features of Crunchbase Pro, your company can more easily leverage the available information to make decisions on how to outperform the competition.

Looking for somewhere to invest? Crunchbase Pro can help you discover promising startups.

With its advanced search engine, Crunchbase Pro can help you find startups and companies that best fit your interests. Let’s say you’re looking for a company in the beauty industry and you want it to be located in Asia; you want a company that is still in its early stages but one that has proven it can be successful. Utilize the 25 filters to specify industry, geographic location, rank and more. Or maybe you just want to check out the top stars in the technology industry. Whatever your financial pursuits, Crunchbase Pro will help you make an informed decision about where to invest your money.

Seeking a new job? Crunchbase Pro can help with that.

According to Crunchbase’s chief executive Jager McConnell, users can leverage Crunchbase Pro’s advanced features to find a job. Find companies in your desired industry through the search engine; you can even save time by filtering out companies that are lower than a certain rating or have no open job positions.

Ready to take your business to the next level? If so, you can head to Crunchbase and try out Crunchbase Pro for yourself.  

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