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Is Music App Development the Next Plunge for your Business?

With the tempo of our life raising each day, who wouldn’t like to relax listening to a favorite playlist? Ideally, music has become an integral part of our lives with people stuck to their headphones even while at work. This addiction to music was the mastermind behind the conception of Spotify- the music app taking the world by storm!

Spotify has made a striking conversion of free music into 10 billion dollars. Survey says that nearly 140 million people use its services and there are almost 50 million users who are paid subscribers. Now that is a remarkable number!

“Aren’t you skeptical about how to follow these imprints? Read on as we can give you a sneak peek.”

Understanding the success behind a music app is not rocket science:

The winning success for music apps is simple. People don’t find the time to go to physical stores, look for their favorite music tracks and buy a physical media source. The preferences have shifted to easy access to online music which accommodates the comfort of simply browsing, adding tracks to playlists and listening to uninterrupted music whenever required. This ease of use does take a toss when it comes to physical media.

Statistics firmly state that 45% of the total digital sales is occupied by streaming revenues.

What do music apps need?

The basic logic behind the launch of music apps was delivering music to all with the highest level of comfort and ease. Music apps do not include downloading songs occupying memory space. You could simply choose songs, add it to the playlist and listen to them online. On the technical front, they work on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and iOS. You could search for your favorite music and even edit and share your playlists with others.

With this brief idea, you could take the pitch into a music app development which would include steps like:

  • Detailed market research
  • Future-ready technical specifications
  • Preparing a prototype
  • Zeroing the UI/UX design
  • Development process
  • Testing
  • Final release of the app

Vital factors to consider for mobile app development include the following:

Standing out in the crowd:

Create a stunning app with unique ideas to win the hearts of users. A mundane app which is regular will end up being just another music app. Think different and differentiate yourself from your competitors.

The UI/UX:

Taking charge of the design element is cardinal as that is the first thing which will be catching the eyes of the users. Ensure that the app is

  • Feature-rich
  • User-friendly
  • Unique
  • Succinct

Focusing on platforms:

If you feel you are on a constrained budget, begin with launching your app on any one platform. Look at how it works and then you could extend your app across other platforms. Spotify initially began its journey on web after which it was available on other platforms.

Features which are a must for your music app:

User profiles:

Keep your users from entering limited information but fetch as much as you can as this will help you to reach out to them and build a deeper association.

Interesting offers:

With this personal information, sense their pulse; shower them with personalized offers to make them happy.

Keep notifying:

Understanding the interests of your user base, you should now send out customized notifications and alerts based on individual taste and interest to attract your customers.

Offering them a choice:

Offer a plethora of choice for your users to choose from. Let them create playlists, edit, share them and spread the good word about your app.

Integration with social media:

Ensure that your app accommodates social media integration as this feature has the potential to evangelize your app like wildfire. Promote yourself as much as possible and watch your app perform at its best.

Are you geared up to chalk out your plan and develop a modish music app to rule hearts!

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When others were wondering with the idea of being digital, Swetha was enjoying her coffee working with digital devices. With the dynamism and creative blend, Swetha joined eGrove Systems and currently playing a role of Digital Marketing Manager. She has enjoyed various high-profile roles in the SEO industry and now helping eGrove accomplish many proudest accomplishments in the digital world.

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