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Is Flickr Better Than Instagram?

Gone are the days when people shared photos in albums. Today’s photo sharing offers seemingly limitless options, and it’s now easier than ever to share pictures with the ones we love. While some new apps such as Instagram have gained popularity, there are some concerns about privacy and quality they offer. On this occasion we’ll compare Instagram with Flickr, the classic photo sharing web service that has been around since 2004.


Flickr allows you to store pictures at their original resolution size. When you share images with your family, they can choose whether to download the original, high-quality image, or one of the smaller sizes that requires less space on their computer. Unlike Flickr, Instagram only offers one set size with reduced resolution. This will make it harder for your family and friends to make physical prints of the pictures you shared. And if you are concerned about total strangers downloading your photos, Flickr enables you to control the download settings so as to protect your privacy and intellectual copyright.


Before Instagram launched its mobile app, the chief argument for Instagram(and against Flickr) was that users could easily edit their images using some of Instagram’s filters and share them on their mobile devices. But Flickr recently launched its own app for mobile phones with the filters are at least equal to Instagram’s, probably even better. Furthermore, the user interface on Flickr is more sophisticated, making it easier for you to revisit and share your pics beyond the very moment of capture and click


Social Aspect

Some people tend to gravitate towards Instagram simply because of its social aspect and interaction, failing to realize that Flickr is not less social. From your phone app or website you can like and comment on the photos uploaded by contacts. In order to avoid confusion, perhaps Flickr should consider renaming “contacts” to “friends” or “following”.


For those of you who grew up developing actual 9×13 and 10×15 photos, Instagram’s square default probably seems like a total joke. If you are a photographer interested in composing a nice long shot, you have resort to Instagram’s distracting crops. On the other hand, Flickr allow you to post your pics in a range of sizes, enabling a more creative expression and clearer vision. Some things just can’t fit in a single square.


Instagram doesn’t allow you users to organize your photos into albums and sets, which is definitely not the case with Flickr, which provides a great for keeping a record of special events, making your shots feel less like a mere series of visual tweets and more like precious memories. In addition to this, Flickr’s website lets its users search and find images uploaded long time ago, which makes it much better for archiving your photos for the long haul. It is true to that Instagram is quite convenient, yet Flickr is way better for serious photographers and archivists.

Safe Searching

Finally, if you are concerned about safe searching, Flickr definitely takes precedence over Instagram. Although Instagram’s hashtags are clever and fun to use, they can be easily manipulated by the underaged who use them to find inappropriate content. Flickr offers a wide range of filters to ensure that the images you search are safe and appropriate, regardless of your age or taste.

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Senior business developer and financial manager with a demonstrated history of working in the SaaS and FinTech industry. She was involved in fundraising for multiple projects, both from private investors and the European Commission. Ivana is a co-founder of Authoredin, a software that supports content creation on Linkedin.



  1. jai vignesh

    April 16, 2014 at 4:13 pm

    Very nice list of tips, even many of them are simple and very common, but some are really cool.. But in my view i used the flickr to store my photos in past days, now i’m using instagram, in my view instagram has the better storage and the features when compare to the flickr. And mainly most of my friends using instagram. it mainly helpful to share my photos.and i feel more secured than before.

  2. Sudipto

    April 25, 2014 at 6:25 am

    Hey olivia,
    Nice comparison and helps us understanding both very well. These days people are more concern about safety and with this Flickr seems helpful. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Olivia

    April 25, 2014 at 1:14 pm

    Thank you for your interest in my article. I personally use Instagram more frequently, mostly because of its seamless integration with other social media, but as I said, in my opinion Flicker is not far behind concerning this aspect.

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